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TM 2634
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
SCHNITTKE, A.: String Quartets Nos. 1-4 (Molinari Quartet)

SCHNITTKE, A.: String Quartets Nos. 1-4 (Molinari Quartet)

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release date: January 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet


Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet

Record Label
Atma Classiqe




Total Time - 103:20
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SCHNITTKE, A.: String Quartets Nos. 1-4 (Molinari Quartet)




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String Quartet No. 3

1 I. Andante 5:24
2 II. Agitato 7:24
3 III. Pesante 7:13

String Quartet No. 1

4 I. Sonata 8:15
5 II. Canon 3:59
6 III. Cadenza 6:31

String Quartet No. 2

7 I. Moderato 2:52
8 II. Agitato 6:13
9 III. Mesto 5:38
10 IV. Moderato 6:46

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String Quartet No. 4

1 I. Lento 9:04
2 II. Allegro 8:30
3 III. Lento 6:36
4 IV. Vivace 3:46
5 V. Lento 10:11

Canon in Memory of Igor Stravinsky

 Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Ensemble

Between 1966 and 1989, Alfred Schnittke composed four string quartets. In 1971 he added the Canon in Memoriam Igor Stravinsky to his works for string quartet, and in 1997, Variations.
For almost half a century, Schnittke composed more than 250 works—from opera and chamber music to film music and concertos. While drawing inspiration from the past and exploring the many aesthetic characteristics of his day, he forged a personal musical language he called polystylistic.
Internationally acclaimed by the public and the critics since its foundation in 1997, the Molinari Quartet has a mandate to perform works from the 20th and 21st centuries, to commission new works and to initiate conversations between musicians, artists and the public.

 "...their [molinari]musicianship is as exclusive and discerning as their tailor. Nevertheless, though at times as physical as any, their vision of Schnittke is more lyrically expressive, emotionally intense but more introverted, altogether less typically ’primeval’ than most others. Sound quality is very good - well-balanced and warm... - 1 March 2012

             ’Editor’s Choice 

Philip Calrk - Gramophone magazine - 1 February 2012

 "... then, is smooth, dignified, and painterly Schnittke, in wich the music’s often incipient hysteria is played down. The Canadian engineers do a good job.

Raymond Tuttle - Fanfare Magazine - 1 February 2012

"A Canadian ensemble brings out the songfulness of a modern Russian master’s quartet. The Molinari Quartet (established in 1995) is a pioneering Canadian modern-music group of players who traverse the distinctive sound worlds of Schnittke’s canon with bracing insight. Compared to the bold intensity of the Tale Quartet and the unsettling probing of the Kronos, the Molinari players are more cantabile-based, almost as thought they are singing each score through their instruments. As a result, Schnittke emerges as a more rounded and expressively wide-ranging composer than is often the case. Even the respective second-movement agitatos of the Second and Third Quartets are sublimated into a coherent symphonic overview that is richly compelling. The detailed yet warm ambience of the recording enhances still further Schnittke’s often unremarked lyrical tendency."
Julian Haylock - The Strad - 1 January 2012


René Bricault - La Scena Musicale - 1 December 2011

                    Performance *****      Sound *****

"...Molinari presents a confidently musical, well-balanced, and captivating performance of four quartets that deserve much more attention and appreciation. A welcome addition to any collection."
Mike D. Brownell - All Music Guide - 1 November 2011

"...I find it very easy to recommend this set to both those who are familiar with the material and those who have not yet encountered the quartets of this exceptional composer."
David Olds - The Whole Note - 1 October 2011

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Réjean Beaucage - Voir - 8 September 2011

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