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TM 2638
JANITSCH, J.G.: Sonate da camera, Vol. 2 (Notturna, Palameta)

JANITSCH, J.G.: Sonate da camera, Vol. 2 (Notturna, Palameta)

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release date: January 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Palameta, Christopher

Christopher Palameta



Record Label
Atma Classiqe




Total Time - 55:08
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JANITSCH, J.G.: Sonate da camera, Vol. 2 (Notturna, Palameta)

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Sonata da camera in C minor, Op. 3, No. 4

1 I. Adagio 3:47
2 II. Allegretto 5:14
3 III. Allegro assai 3:10

Sonata da camera in A major, Op. 3, No. 3

4 I. Larghetto 2:42
5 II. Allegretto 5:52
6 III. Allegro poco vivace 3:04

Sonata da camera in C minor, Op. 1, No. 1

7 I. Adagio 3:27
8 II. Allegretto 5:26
9 III. Allegro assai 2:41

Sonata da chiesa in G major, Op. 7, No. 4

10 I. Largo 3:05
11 II. Fuga alla breve 2:22
12 III. Vivace 5:13

Sonata da chiesa in G minor, Op. 7, No. 6

13 I. Largo 3:03
14 II. Fuga alla breve 2:25
15 III. Allegro assai 3:37
 Christopher Palameta Conductor
 Palameta, Christopher

Notturna is dedicated to the performance of early music written for winds. The members of the ensemble are distinguished performers who specialize in historical performance of the 18th and 19th centuries. Notturna draws on the transparency and expressiveness of early wind instruments to paint fresh pictures of unexplored repertoire. Since its inception the ensemble has felt a unique rapport with the music of Berlin composer Johann Gottlieb Janitsch, and have taken as part of their mandate to expose his neglected masterworks, many of which have yet to be published and recorded. This is the second of a three-album collection.
Four of the five sonatas presented on this album are world premiere recordings.

 "...Christopher Palameta is to be commended both for championing this unjustly neglected composer and also for presenting another excellent set of performances. His ensemble is intimately fami liar with the style; they allow the music to move and breathe in its own natural pace. We eagerly look forward to more in this series..."

Brian Stewart - Early Music - 1 September 2011

"From 1736 right up until his death, Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708-1763) remained in the service of Frederick the Great. A number of his quartets, entitled "sonate da camera" at the time (or sometimes "da chiesa"), were not discovered until 1999 in Kiev, as Christopher Palameta reveals in his programme notes. Thus, it is clear why, of the five compositions on the programme, four make their world premiere. These works combine several solo instruments, particularly the oboe and the oboe d’amore- played with authority by maestro Palameta himself- with continuo. Played most often for the composer’s small gatherings, it’s perhaps the last on the list, a Sonata da chiesa in G minor that stands out the most, due to the reverent feel of the piece. A lovely performance by the Notturrla ensemble."      ****
Alexandre Lazaridès - La Scena Musicale - 1 September 2011

"The instrumentation is sometimes a bit unusual, as Palameta tells us, calling for curious combinations of oboes, violins, traverso, and continuo. It all adds to the excitement. Janitsch’s style fits right in with his contemporaries, down to the learned-sounding fugato passages. These sonatas are quite a revelation. They remind me a lot of the chamber music of Telemann and Fasch. The playing here is excellent and nuanced. I love to hear the baroque oboe and oboe d’amore played so well. The notes are well written and full of useful information."
American Record Guide - 1 September 2011

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