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TM 2678
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TM 2678
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
HANDEL, G.F.: Orlando [Opera] (Pacific Baroque Orchestra, Weimann)

HANDEL, G.F.: Orlando [Opera] (Pacific Baroque Orchestra, Weimann)

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Alexander Weimann


Karina Gauvin


Owen Willetts


Pacific Baroque Orchestra



Ryerson United Church, Vancouver (BC), Canada


Record Label
Atma Classiqe




Total Time - 157:57
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HANDEL, G.F.: Orlando [Opera] (Pacific Baroque Orchestra, Weimann)




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Orlando, HWV 31*

1 Overture 04:37
2 Act I Scene 1: Accompagnato e Recitativo: Gieroglifici eterni (Zoroastro) 02:04
3 Act I Scene 2: Stimulato dalla gloria (Orlando) 01:47
4 Act I Scene 2: Recitativo: Purgalo ormai da effiminati sensi! (Zoroastro, Orlando) 01:05
5 Act I Scene 2: Lascia amor (Zoroastro) 04:29
6 Act I Scene 3: Recitativo Accompagnato: Immagini funeste (Orlando) 01:15
7 Act I Scene 3: Non fu gia men forte Alcide (Orlando) 05:42
8 Act I Scene 4: Quanto diletto avea tra questi boschi! (Dorinda) 02:03
9 Act I Scene 4: Accompagnato e Recitativo: Itene pur fremendo anime vili (Orlando, Dorinda) 00:38
10 Act I Scene 4: Ho un certo rossore (Dorinda) 03:12
11 Act I Scene 5: Recitativo: M'hai vinto, al fin, m'hai vinto, o cieco Nume! (Angelica) 00:44
12 Act I Scene 5: Ritornava al suo bel viso (Angelica, Medoro) 02:11
13 Act I Scene 6: Chi possessore e del mio core (Angelica) 03:35
14 Act I Scene 7: Recitativo: Ecco Dorinda, ne sfuggirla io posso (Medoro, Dorinda) 01:20
15 Act I Scene 7: Se il cor mai ti dira, ch'io mi scordi di te (Medoro) 03:49
16 Act I Scene 8: Recitativo: Povera me! Ben vedo che m'alletta (Dorinda) 00:28
17 Act I Scene 8: O care parolette, o dolci sguardi! (Dorinda) 02:57
18 Act I Scene 9: Recitativo: Noti a me sono i tuoi fatali amori (Zoroastro, Angelica, Orlando) 02:05
19 Act I Scene 9: Se fedel vuoi, ch'io ti creda (Angelica) 04:58
20 Act I Scene 10: Recitativo: T'ubbidiro, crudele (Orlando) 00:17
21 Act I Scene 10: Fammi combattere mostri e tifei (Orlando) 03:26
22 Act I Scene 11: Recitativo: Angelica, deh! Lascia (Medoro, Angelica, Dorinda) 01:56
23 Act I Scene 12: Terzetto: Consolati, o bella, gentil pastorella (Medoro, Angelica, Dorinda) 05:09

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1 Act II Scene 1: Quando spieghi i tuoi tormenti (Dorinda) 03:38
2 Act II Scene 2: Recitativo: Perche, gentil Dorinda (Orlando, Dorinda) 01:48
3 Act II Scene 2: Se mi rivolgo al prato (Dorinda) 05:51
4 Act II Scene 3: Recitativo: E'questa la mercede Angelica spietata! (Orlando) 00:24
5 Act II Scene 3: Cielo! Se tu il consenti Deh! fa' che nel mio seno (Orlando) 03:59
6 Act II Scene 4: Recitativo: A qual rischio vi espone (Zoroastro, Angelica, Medoro) 00:36
7 Act II Scene 4: Tra caligini profonde (Zoroastro) 04:11
8 Act II Scene 5: Recitativo: Da queste amiche piante (Angelica, Medoro) 00:58
9 Act II Scene 5: Verdi allori sempre unito (Medoro) 06:14
10 Act II Scene 6: Recitativo: Dopo tanti perigli, e tanti affanni (Angelica) 00:36
11 Act II Scene 6: Non potra dirmi ingrata (Angelica) 04:01
12 Act II Scene 7: Recitativo: Dove, dove guidate Furie (Orlando, Angelica) 01:20
13 Act II Scene 8: Verdi piante, erbette liete (Angelica) 07:00
14 Act II Scene 8: Recitativo: Ah perfida, qui sei! (Orlando, Angelica, Medoro) 00:41
15 Act II Scene 9: Recitativo Accompagnato: Ah Stigie larve! Ah scelerati spettri (Orlando) 07:24

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1 Act III: Sinfonia 01:19
2 Act III Scene 1: Recitativo: Di Dorinda alle mura (Medoro, Dorinda) 01:10
3 Act III Scene 1: Vorrei poterti amar (Medoro) 03:50
4 Act III Scene 2: Piu obbligata gli sono (Dorinda, Orlando) 01:29
5 Act III Scene 3: Unisca amor in noi (Orlando, Dorinda) 02:07
6 Act III Scene 3: Gia lo stringo, gia l'abbraccio (Orlando) 02:16
7 Act III Scene 4: Recitativo: Di Dorinda all'albergo (Angelica, Dorinda) 00:46
8 Act III Scene 4: Cosi giusta e questa speme (Angelica) 05:22
9 Act III Scene 5: Recitativo: S'e corrisposto un core (Dorinda) 00:27
10 Act III Scene 5: Amore e qual vento (Dorinda) 04:42
11 Act III: Accompagnato: Impari ognun da Orlando (Zoroastro) 01:30
12 Act III Scene 6: Sorge infausta una procella (Zoroastro) 04:51
13 Act III Scene 7: Recitativo: Dorinda, e perche piangi? (Angelica, Dorinda, Orlando) 01:10
14 Act III Scene 8: Duetto: Finche prendi ancor il sangue (Angelica, Orlando) 02:00
15 Act III Scene 8: Vieni … Vanne precipitando (Orlando, Angelica) 01:41
16 Act III Scene 9: Gia l'ebro mio ciglio (Orlando) 04:43
17 Act III Scene 9: Recitativo: Ecco il tempo prefisso! (Zoroastro, Dorinda, Orlando) 04:59
18 Act III Scene 9: Per far mia diletta (Orlando, Angelica, Medoro, Zoroastro, Dorinda) 02:06
19 Act III Scene 10: Recitativo Accompagnato: Vinse incanti, battaglie, e fieri mostri (Orlando, Angelica, Medoro, Zoroastro, Dorinda) 00:45
20 Act III Scene 10: Trionfa oggi'l mio cor (Orlando, Angelica, Medoro, Zoroastro, Dorinda, Chorus) 02:16
 Owen Willetts Soloist
 Karina Gauvin Soloist
 Alexander Weimann Conductor

The complete version of Orlando, considered to be one of Handel’s most successful operas, is presented for the first time on a Canadian label. 
Singing the title role is the English countertenor Owen Willetts, a rising figure on the international scene. He is joined by the American soprano Amanda Forsythe, and several of the finest Canadian singers: Karina Gauvin, Allyson McHardy, and Nathan Berg.    
This recording was produced following Orlando’s performances at the 2012 Vancouver Early Music Festival.

 "... this is an outstanding recording, and I suspect that it may even make my Want List for the year. Orlando has been recorded by the period peormance "best" including Christopher Hogwood and William Christie. This, however, is the one I shall keep."

Bertil van Boer - Fanfare - March/April 2014

                        Performance ***           Recording ****

Orlando is now regarded as one of Handel’s finest operas ... There’s not a weak number in the piece ... Conductor Alexander Weimann draws spry, characterful playing from his period-instrument band..."

George Hall - BBC Music magazine - March 2014

"... Alexander Weimann, gives a highly intelligent, responsive reading and connects strongly with each vocal soloist. Lucky Vancouver to boast an early-instrument orchestra as accomplished as this one. The recorded sound is entirely natural and comfortable..."

Roger Pines - International Record Review - February 2014

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