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TO 0042
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TO 0042

Taneyev: Piano Music

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Russian Philharmonic of Moscow

Thomas Sanderling

Vladimir Ashkenazy


Joseph Banowetz


Adam Wodnicki



Studio No. 5, Moscow State Broadcasting and Radio House, Moscow

Mesquite Performing Arts Center, Dallas, Texas


Matthew Bowers

Pavel Lavrenenkov


Luba Doronina

Jim Jackson

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 76:47
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Piano Concerto in E flat

1 I Allegro 25:00
2 II Andante funebre 8:27

Music for solo piano

3 Prelude in F major 3:15
4 Lullaby in B flat major 3:25

Theme and Variations in C minor

5 Theme 0:48
6 Var.I, [Un poco più mosso] 0:44
7 Var. II, Allegretto alla quartetto di P. Tschaikovsky 0:57
8 Var. III, [Allegro] 0:57
9 Var. IV [Allegretto] 0:20
10 Var. V, Andante espressivo 0:50
11 Var. VI, Allegro 0:30
12 Var. VII, Andante 0:46
13 Var. VIII, Allegro vivace 0:17
14 Var. IX, Allegro 0:30
15 Var. X, [Con moto] 0:58
16 Var. XI, Andante 0:50
17 Var. XII, Andante [non troppo lento] 2:23

Allegro in E flat major


Andantino semplice in B minor


Repose (Elegy) in E major


March in D minor


Four Improvisations (with Arensky, Glazunov and Rachmaninov)

22 No. 1 [Moderato], E minor 1:15
23 No. 2 Allegretto, C major 0:46
24 No. 3 [Allegro scherzando], B flat minor 0:43
25 No. 4 Largo, F minor 1:15

The Composer's Birthday

  for narrator and piano, four hands  

The Composer's Birthday

  for piano, four hands  

The piano music of Sergei Taneyev (1856–1915) is one of Russian’s hidden secrets. Student and friend of Tchaikovsky, Taneyev – a formidable pianist and composer of the front rank – has never had the attention he deserves. The CD couples a first-ever recording of the only two movements he recorded of his youthful piano concerto with more premiere recordings of music for solo piano from across his career. The Four Improvisations, composed jointly by Taneyev, Rachmaninov, Arensky and Glazunov, bring a composite first recording for all four composers. And The Composer’s Birthday, for narrator and piano, four hands, was written as a light-hearted birthday present for Tchaikovsky.

‘[Taneyev] produced much fascinating music, and this valuable new disc... adds substantially to our knowledge of him… […] Banowetz proves an ideally sympathetic soloist, equal to the considerable difficulties of his part yet well able to exercise the kind of restraint and self-effacement that Taneyev’s conception frequently requires of him. Sanderling directs rich, even sumptuous playing from the Russian Philharmonic of Moscow: the recording is excellent. […] Altogether this is a disc well worth acquiring by all enthusiasts for nineteenth-century Russian repertoire.’

Calum MacDonald


International Record Review - May 2007

‘Per quanto riguarda gli esecutori, segnaliamo innanzitutto l’ottima interpretazione del pianista Joseph Banowetz, che fornisce il suo valido apporto sia quando si accompagna all’orchestra, che nel momento in cui suona solo o con l’altrettanto bravo collega Adam Wodnicki. Di grande spessore appare anche la prova dell’Orchestra Filarmonica di Mosca, diretta da Thomas Sanderling... [...] In definitiva un disco che evidenzia in tutto il suo valore la produzione pianistica di Taneyev che, celebrato come docente, andrebbe ora rivalutato anche come compositore.’

‘Concerning the performers, we would first like to draw attention to the superb interpretation of the pianist Joseph Banowetz, who provides a valid contribution whether accompanied by the orchestra, whether playing solo or with his equally good colleague Adam Wodnicki. Of great worth also is the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Thomas Sanderling... [...] Finally, a disc that shows in the value of the  piano music that Taneyev, who was celebrated as a professor, should now be reassessed as a composer.’

Marco del Vaglio

Guide SuperEva - June 2007

‘Joseph Banowetz plays with obvious affection for this music and genuine distinction. […] The sound is excellent, whether in the Concerto, the solo works, or the Composer’s Birthday. A tip of the hat as well to Anastasia Belina for her attractive liner notes. A fascinating release, this’

Barry Brenesal


Fanfare - July/August 2007

‘ intellectual force… […] Performances are expert and loving throughout’

Ron Bierman

Music & Vision Daily - 8 January 2008

‘Es una satisfacción descubrir tesoros como éste… obras de rara e inusual belleza… este importante registro, imprescindible para acercarse al hermoso universo del compositor. Joseph Banowetz es el rey de la velada... […] mostrando siempre el artista norteamericano un absoluto compromiso para leer entre líneas y para enfrentarse a las piezas desde la óptica de la lucidez y de la passion desinhibida: lo suyo es honestidad y servidumbre a la música.

‘It is a pleasure to discover treasures like this… works of rare and unusual beauty… this is an important disc, essential to approaching the beautiful universe of this composer... Joseph Banowetz is the king of the evening… […] constantly displaying his absolute commitment to… clarity, uninhibited passion, honesty and servitude to the music.’

Verónica Maynés

Scherzo - March 2008

‘It is good to have Toccata Classics available in North America at last… All of these CDs [TO0042, TO0023, TO0038] are lovely surprises, and they create confident expectations for more of the same.’

Richard Freed


Soundstage - June 2007

‘The performance by Joseph Banowetz plays it for all its worth, and he is equally idiomatic in the solo piano pieces that make up the rest of the disc - most are really salon music, but they are engaging’

Andrew Clements

The Guardian - 6 April 2007

‘Fascinating… This is the first appearance on disc of the surviving head and trunk of the Taneyev concerto - a work in a tradition both grand and florid. It is coupled with some attractive music for solo piano.[...] Toccata uphold an admirable and quickly established tradition for excellence in recording and in sumptuous annotation.’

Rob Barnett

MusicWeb - 13 April 2007

‘Listeners will likely be spellbound to hear this music. The high quality of the production that includes expert recording and engineering… unusual repertoire, and beautiful playing makes this CD shine brightly in a crowded sonic sky. Martin Anderson is to be congratulated for his vision.’

Nancy Lee Harper

Piano Journal - Spring 2007

‘Russian heart and soul from the players make this a Taneyev triumph... How can it be that the only piano concerto by a pianist-composer of the standing of Taneyev has never previously been recorded? [...] The performance never gives of the whiff of dutiful generality that so often accompanies such ventures. Banowetz plays with a natural eloquence and heart, as well as a fine technical address, qualities which ennoble the... solo pieces too. [...] All of it is excellently recorded, and serious collectors should flock to snap it up.’

David Fanning

Gramophone - March 2007

‘...the perfect interpreter of Taneyev’s piano music. He finds the lyricism, heroicism, melancholy, and yearning typical of Romantic piano music in Taneyev’

Patsy Morita


‘Mr. Banowetz plays gorgeously, with a warm, unforced tone and natural expressivity… lovingly performed and warmly recorded’

Scott Cantrell


The Dallas Morning News - 14 July 2007

‘The piano writing is intense and rich, and Joseph Banowetz plays with colour and persuasiveness. […] This is an extremely worthwhile disc to explore, and hopefully it will be the first of many to bring Taneyev back into the spotlight’

John Kersey

International Piano Magazine - January/February 2007

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