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TO 0057
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TO 0057

Telemann - Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Vol 2

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2000





Hoff kirke, Østre Toten, Norway

6-9 Nov 2006


Jørn Pederson


Geoff Miles

Record Label


Vocal & Song

Total Time - 55:13
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  Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Vol.2: Six Cantatas  



First Sunday of Advent

  Erwachet zum Kriegen (TVWV 1: 481; Bärenreiter No.65)  
1 Aria (Vivace) 2:43
2 Rezitativ 1:50
3 Aria (Spiritoso) 3:09

First Sunday of Christmas

  Erquickendes Wunder der ewigen Gnade (TVWV 1: 469; Bärenreiter No. 69)  
4 Aria 4:52
5 Rezitativ 1:28
6 Aria (Presto) 3:38

Second Sunday of Christmas

  Jauchzet, frolocket, der Himmel ist offen (TVWV 1: 953; Bärenreiter No.70)  
7 Aria 4:06
8 Rezitativ 2:10
9 Aria 3:27

First Sunday of New Year

  Halt ein mit deinem Wetterstrahle (TVWV 1: 715; Bärenreiter No.1)  
10 Aria (Prestissimo) 3:00
11 Rezitativ 1:49
12 Aria (Vivace) 3:15

Second Sunday after Epiphany

  Ist Widerwärtigkeit den Frommen eigen (TVWV 1: 948; Bärenreiter No.5) *  
13 Rezitativ 0:40
14 Aria (Vivace) 3:58
15 Rezitativ 1:17
16 Aria (Andante) 5:21

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

  Liebe, die vom Himmel stammet (TVWV 1: 1044; Bärenreiter No.9)  
17 Aria 3:35
18 Rezitativ 1:51
19 Aria (Allegro) 3:04

This is the second CD in the first complete recording of the 72 cantatas from Georg Philipp Telemann’s collection Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, published in Hamburg in 1726 – the first complete set of cantatas for the liturgical year to be published. The cantatas are designated for voice, an obbligato instrument (violin on this disc) and basso continuo, and take the form of two da capo arias with an intervening recitative. Although intended for worship, both public and private, Telemann’s cantatas are a masterly blend of tunefulness with skilled counterpoint and vocal and instrumental virtuosity.

‘Vitzthum [is] a countertenor with an agile technique and a vocal timbre which pleases… […] The playing is a constant pleasure, offering a sympathetic and intuitive partnership with the voice. In short, this is a promising continuation of a worthwhile enterprise.’

Nicholas Anderson

International Record Review - October 2009

              Download Roundup November 2009
‘With very good singing and accompaniment… these recordings are a real delight and provide a welcome introduction to an under-represented aspect of Telemann’s music.’

Brian Wilson

MusicWeb - November 2009

‘If this repertoire is new to you, this is a CD you should certainly look closely at. […] It’s pleasure, pure unindebted pleasure… […]  recommended without hesitation for anyone wanting to see how successfully and persuasively the genius of Telemann turned to small-scale sacred music.’

Mark Sealey

MusicWeb - December 2009

                        Want List for Bertil van Boer [2010]

‘ eye-opener. While one usually thinks of this series as workaday music, this sensitive and absolutely astounding performance that brings out the intricacies shows not only what made Telemann perhaps the most popular German composer of his time, but also that he expected that even the lowliest of churches to have access to good music. This is a series that I look forward to as further volumes appear.’

Bertil van Boer

Fanfare - November/December 2010

‘Telemann’s musical invention is infectious… The arias are, without exception, tuneful, bracing, invigorating, wonderfully entertaining, and great fun. So perfect a reproduction of the female alto voice is Franz Vitzthun’s countertenor that even a really close listening might not convince you it belonged to a male. He is truly amazing. And I have nothing but praise for the instrumentalists comprising the Bergen Barokk. Not a foot, or, should I say, a finger goes amiss. This is a brilliant release, right down to its booklet containing a scholarly essay, complete texts, and documentation on the instruments, performance materials, and the editions used, all in three languages. If I were giving an award for Baroque disc of the year, this one would win it. Urgently recommended.’

Jerry Dubins

Fanfare - November/December 2009

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