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TO 0084
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TO 0084

Telemann - Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Volume 4: Six Cantatas

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2012

Originally recorded in 2007





Hoff kirke, Østre Toten, Norway

23-27 Apr 2007


Jørn Pederson


Geoff Miles

Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 67:16
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  Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Volume 4: Six Cantatas  



Third Sunday of Advent

  Vor des lichten Tages Schein  
  (TVWV 1:1483)  
1 Aria 4:36
2 Rezitativ 2:04
3 Aria 3:44

Epiphany Cantata -

  Ihr Völker hört  
  (TVWV 1:921)  
4 Aria 5:13
5 Rezitativ 2:53
6 Aria (Vivace) 4:07

Cantata for the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary

  Erscheine, Gott, in deinem Tempel  
  (TVWV 1: 471)  
7 Aria (Gratioso) 4:16
8 Rezitativ 3:10
9 Aria (Allegro) 3:54

Sexagesima Sunday -

  Was ist mir doch das Rühmen nütze?  
  (TVWV 1: 1521)  
10 Aria (Largo) 4:06
11 Rezitativ 1:28
12 Arioso 1:16
13 Aria (Spiritoso) 3:56

Oculi Sunday -

  Wandelt in der Liebe  
  (TVWV 1: 1498)  
14 Aria (Dolce ma non largo) 5:06
15 Rezitativ 1:45
16 Aria (Vivace) 3:37

First Day of Easter

  Weg mit Sodoms gift'gen Früchten  
  (TVWV 1: 1534)  
17 Aria 4:29
18 Rezitativ 1:50
19 Aria (Andante e gratioso) 5:46

This is the fourth album in the first complete recording of the 72 cantatas from Georg Philipp Telemann’s collection Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, published in Hamburg in 1726 – the first complete set of cantatas for the liturgical year to appear in print. The cantatas are designated for voice, an obbligato instrument (recorder, violin, transverse flute or oboe) and basso continuo, and generally take the form of two da capo arias with an intervening recitative. Although intended for worship, both public and private, Telemann’s cantatas are a masterly blend of tunefulness with skilled counterpoint and vocal and instrumental virtuosity.

               *** - Good

Marco Bizzarini - Musica magazine - July/August 2013

"...The ensemble is overall excellent, with Frnz Vitzhum dead on pitch and shaping each line and ornament with care and attention. The performance is dramatic and yet infused with musical taste. Moreover, he blends with peter Holtslag’s liquid flute playing so well that they almost seem as one. The tempo’s are, as on the other discs both lively and sensitive to the Affekt of the text. The continuo likewise is an omnipresent partner, never overbearing but well integrated into the overall text. Bergen Baroque has continued its march with the same extraordinary quality that brings Telemann’s music to life. This is one that will definately be on my Wish-list for this year, and I for one cannot wait for the next installment.

Bertil van Boer - Fanfare - November/December 2012

"...there is much to enjoy in this music, intuitively played and well recorded ..."

Nicholas Anderson - International Record Review - April 2012

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