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TO 0097
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TO 0097

Janis Medins - 23 Dainas

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2012

Originally recorded in 2008


Jonathan Powell



Durham University Music School

11-12 Aug 2008


Adaq Khan

Record Label



Total Time - 72:14
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24 Dainas

1 Daina No.1 3:55
2 Daina No.2 3:05
3 Daina No.3 1:40
4 Daina No.4 2:35
5 Daina No.5 2:13
6 Daina No.6 2:37
7 Daina No.7 4:38
8 Daina No.8 2:50
9 Daina No.9 4:23
10 Daina No.10 3:47
11 Daina No.11 2:19
12 Daina No.12 2:39
13 Daina No.13 3:30
14 Daina No.14 2:45
15 Daina No.15 2:10
16 Daina No.16 2:49
17 Daina No.17 3:58
18 Daina No.18 3:20
19 Daina No.19 2:06
20 Daina No.20 3:02
21 Daina No.21 2:33
22 Daina No.22 2:34
23 Daina No.23 3:49
24 Daina No.24 2:57

 Janis Medinš (1890–1966) was one of the pioneers of Latvian music: his works include the first Latvian opera, and he was also an important conductor and teacher. His 24 Dainas for piano – he took the title from Latvian folk-poetry – show the influence of Rachmaninov, Grieg and Scriabin and have a modal colour inherited from Latvian folk-music. Although their composition was spread over four decades – interrupted by the Second World War and Medinš’s exile in Sweden – the Dainas are unified by their passionate lyricism and epic sweep.

"... Medins has a fine ear for tonal harmony heavily colored by chromatic voice-leading, and the works, like No 17, usually balance virtuosic brilliance and full-voiced, quasi-orchestral textures. Powell, who is a composer as well as a pianist himself, furnishes a careful but highly expressive reading... "

Rob Haskins - American Record Guide - May/June 2013

"...There is genuine passion in this music, also, and I urge collectors who wish to hear something new and explore unkown byways of music to investigate this CD. The presentation is first-class ... Powell is one of the best young British pianists around ... and plays superbly throughout. The result is another revelation from Toccata Classics ..."

Robert Matthew-Walker - International Record Review - February 2013

"This pioneering Latvian composer draws on the influence of Scriabin, Grieg and Rachmaninov in these idiomatic, individual and strong-hearted pieces."  ****
Jessica Duchen - ’Brief Notes’ - BBC Music magazine - March 2013

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