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TO 0118
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TO 0118

Ernst - Complete Music for Violin & Piano, Volume One

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2010

Originally recorded in 2010


Ian Hobson


Sherban Lupu



Foellinger Great Hall of the Krannett Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois

2,3,5 & 7 Apr 2010


Samir Golescu


Jon Schoenhoff

Record Label




Total Time - 76:14
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  Complete Music For Violin & Piano, Volume One  



Fantaisie Brillante Sur Le Prophète (Opéra de G. Meyerbeer), Op.24

1 I Allegretto molto moderato 4:54
2 II Andantino pastorale 7:53

Deux Nocturnes, Op.8

3 No.2 in E major 4:54
4 No.1 in A major 2:44

Carnaval de Venise (Variations burlesques sur la canzonetta 'Cara mamma mia'), Op.18

5 Theme 0:34
6 Variation I 0:28
7 Variation II 0:30
8 Variation III 0:30
9 Variation IV 0:31
10 Variation V 0:30
11 Variation VI 0:30
12 Variation VII 0:33
13 Variation VIII 0:31
14 Variation IX 0:31
15 Variation X 0:34
16 Variation XI 0:29
17 Variation XII 0:32
18 Variation XIII 0:33
19 Variation XIV 0:28
20 Variation XV 0:30
21 Variation XVI 0:35
22 Variation XVII 0:31
23 Variation XVIII 0:28
24 Variation XIX 0:28
25 Variation XX 0:40
26 Variation XXI 0:25
27 Variation XXII 0:30
28 Variation XXIII 0:35
29 Variation XXIV 0:31
30 Variation XXV 0:44

Deux Morceaux de Salon, Op.13

31 No.1, Adagio sentimentale 5:52
32 No.2, Rondino grazioso 6:06

Thème Allemand Varié, Op.9

33 Introduction 2:10
34 Theme 1:14
35 Variation I 0:58
36 Variation II 1:01
37 Variation III 1:06
38 Variation IV and Moderato 2:36
39 Variation V 1:08

Rondo Allemand pour Piano et Violon sur des thèmes d'Oberon, Op.23

40 Introduzione: Andante 3:02
41 Rondo: Allegro moderato 7:03
42 Final: Presto 1:44

Rondo Papageno, Op.20


Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (1812–65) was one of the leading musicians of his day, a friend of Berlioz, Chopin, Liszt and Mendelssohn, and for Joseph Joachim ‘the greatest violinist I ever heard’. But the popular encore pieces by which Ernst is remembered today represent only a fraction of his output. This series of six CDs presents his complete violin works for the first time, revealing one of the instrument’s most accomplished and memorable composers. The first disc shows him in a range of moods, from the mystery and grandeur of the Prophet Fantasy and the Chopinesque poetry of the Two Nocturnes to the bizarre whimsy of The Carnival of Venice and infectious high spirits of the Rondo Papageno – the nineteenth-century virtuoso violin both in introspective melancholy and at its most dazzlingly flamboyant.

Repertoire *****      Sound ****      Interpretation ****

Anja Renczikowski - Ensemble magazine - October/November 2011

‘The works for violin and piano presented on this British release are delightful… Beyond the general modernist distaste for the pleasures of Romantic virtuoso music, it’s hard to see why they have lain entombed for so long. […] Romanian-American violinist Sherban Lupu and accompanist Ian Hobson not only master the considerable technical complexities, but also deliver the entertainment value… Superbly done all around… definitely whets the appetite for other releases in the series.’

James Manheim - - March 2011

‘Lupu proves a lordly exponent...  [...] One really needs wrists of velvet steel to encompass the demands placed on them... superhuman bowing and left hand feats, feats indeed of digital gymnastics... it’s necessary also to convey something of the sheer wit, gall and theatrical outrageousness of the writing, something Lupu does in spades... a formidable start to the Ernst series.’

Jonathan Woolf - MusicWeb International - April 2011

                  "Editor’s Choice"


"...This is a hugely engaging and entertaining disc produced to Toccata’s exemplary high standard..."

Jeremy Nicholas

Gramophone - March 2011

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