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TO 0126
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TO 0126

Arthur Farwell - Piano Music, Volume One

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Lisa Cheryl Thomas

- (piano)


The Old Granary Studio, Beccles, Suffolk

24-25 July 2011


Eric James

Record Label



Total Time - 60:53
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  Piano Music, Volume One  



The Vale of Enitharmon, Op.91


Impressions of the Wa-Wan Ceremony of the Omahas, Op.21

2 No.1 Receiving the Messenger: Slowly and quietly 2:17
3 No.2 Nearing the Village: Moderately 1:58
4 No.3 Song of Approach: Moderately with breadth 2:01
5 No.4 Laying down the Pipes: Very broadly 1:11
6 No.5 Raising the Pipes: Lightly, with motion 1:00
7 No.6 Invocation: With dignity, slowly 2:13
8 No.7 Song of Peace: Peacefully 1:47
9 No.8 Choral: Broadly, with religious feeling 1:36

Polytonal Studies, Op.109 (series I)

10 No.1 C major/G major (1942) 3:09
11 No.2 G major/C major (1940) 1:12
12 No.3 C major/A major (1945) 3:13
13 No.4 A flat major/C major (1940) 1:22
14 No.5 G flat major/A flat major (1940) 1:11
15 No.6 C major/B major, 'Sea Picture' (date unknown) 6:29
16 No.7 C major/D flat major (date unknown) 3:23
17 No.8 C major/E flat major (1940) 4:08
18 No.9 G major/D flat major (date unknown) 2:27
19 No.10 D major/B flat major (date unknown) 3:33
20 No.11 F major/E flat major (1942) 3:09
21 No.34 E flat major/E flat minor (1940) 4:18
  The first key given is that of the bass clef, the second that of the treble.  

The American composer Arthur Farwell (1872–1952) is remembered as the leading member of a group of ‘Indianists’ who used Native American tribal melodies. But Farwell’s stylistic range was much wider than is realised today. This album, the first of two to be recorded by Lisa Cheryl Thomas, herself of Cherokee, Blackfoot and Sioux ancestry, presents first The Vale of Enitharmon, based on the mythology of William Blake, which mixes Romanticism and Impressionism. Impressions of the Wa-Wan Ceremony of the Omahas represents an American Indian ritual so revered that warring tribes would lay down their arms to let the procession pass. And the experimental Polytonal Studies pit two different keys against each other, exploiting the attraction of opposites to generate unusual harmonies and melodies.

"...Thomas’s playing is precise and her interpretations are exquisitely intense.  ... I think that everyone who is at all interested in the history of American music should own this disc."

Maria Nockin - Fanfare - July/August 2013

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