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TO 0141
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TO 0141

Leo Ornstein - Piano Music, Volume 1

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Arsentiy Kharitonov

- (piano)


Margot & Bill Winspear Performance Hall, University of North Texas

20-22 Dec 2011


Blair Liikala

Record Label



Total Time - 71:27
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  Piano Music, Volume 1  

Four Impromptus, S300A

1 No.1 Moderato 5:14
2 No.2 Epitaph: Moderato espressivo 3:48
3 No.3 An Interlude: Andante 4:34
4 No.4 A Bit of Nostalgia: Moderato 3:21

Piano Sonata No.4, S360

5 I Moderato con moto 5:21
6 II Semplice 5:51
7 III Lento 4:04
8 IV Vivo 6:56

In the Country, S63 *

9 No.1 The Gypsy Lament: moderato con moto 1:28
10 No.2 The Old Dungeon: Andante misterioso 1:51
11 No.3 A Fiary Dance: Tempo rubato 1:08
12 No.4 The Cathedral Bells and the Choir: Moderato non troppo 1:46
13 No.5 The Merry-Go-Round: Vivo e ritmico 0:49

Cossack Impressions, S55*

14 No.1 Evening Song: Maestoso 3:11
15 No.2 Maidens at the Fountain: Andante comodo rubato 2:06
16 No.3 Mazurka: Con vivo 1:03
17 No.4 Moonlight in the Mountains: Andante amabile 2:04
18 No.5 Grief: Moderato con tristezza 2:12
19 No.6 The Waltz: Tempo di Valse 1:27
20 No.7 The Nocturne: Lento 1:40
21 No.8 At Dawn: Impazientemente 2:00
22 No.9 The Dance: Allegretto con spirito 1:37
23 No.10 The Love Song: Andante con sentimento 1:31
24 No.11 The March: Tempo alla marcia 1:35
25 No.12 Méditation: Languido 2:11
26 No.13 At the Festival: Allegro molto 2:39

The Russian-born American composer Leo Ornstein (1893–2002) lived long enough – an astonishing 109 years – to see his music both fall into and re-emerge from obscurity. His earliest surviving work dates from around 1905; his last was composed in 1990. Not surprisingly, his music embraces a range of styles, ranging on this first album – in the first extended series devoted to his piano works – from the atmospheric impressionism of the Four Impromptus via the fiery virtuosity of the Fourth Piano Sonata to the Rachmaninov-like Romanticism of the Cossack Impressions and In the Country.

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