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TO 0166
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TO 0166

David Matthews - Music for Piano

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2013

Originally recorded in 2012


Orchestra Nova

George Vass

Laura Mikkola

- (piano)


Pamoja Hall, The Space Performing Arts Centre, Sevenoaks School

26 October 2012


Michael Ponder

Record Label



Total Time - 54:29
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  Music for Piano  

Piano Concerto, Op.111 (2009)

1 I Con moto moderato 6:01
2 II Tango: Tempo di tango energico 2:43
3 III Elegy: Largo e mesto 4:50
4 IV Allegro con spirito 4:53

Piano Sonata, Op.47 (1989)

5 I Allegro molto e ritmico - 6:46
6 II Andante - 3:11
7 III Allegro - 2:45

Variations for piano, Op.72 (1997)

8 Theme: Allegro 0:27
9 Var. 1: L'istesso tempo 0:23
10 Var. 2 Poco più sostenuto 0:23
11 Var. 3: Vivace e leggiero 0:25
12 Var. 4: Un poco solenne 0:34
13 Var. 5: Presto leggiero 0:30
14 Var. 6: Allegro moderato 0:28
15 Var. 7: Allegro drammatico 0:27
16 Var. 8: Scherzando 0:26
17 Var. 9: Molto vivace 0:24
18 Var. 10: Scorrevole 0:25
19 Var. 11: Presto ludovicioso 0:21
20 Var. 12: Allegro 0:22
21 Var. 13: Allegro di galoppo 0:22
22 Var. 14: L'istesso tempo 0:19
23 Var. 15: Con molta anima 0:35
24 Var. 16: Slow blues 1:32
25 Var. 17: Allegretto con precisione 0:29
26 Var. 18: Andante appassionato 0:41
27 Var. 19: Poco maestoso 0:48
28 Var. 20: Moderato blues 0:46
29 Var. 21: Allegro 0:26
30 Var. 22: Lento e mesto 1:33
31 Var. 23: Quasi recitativo, con licenza 1:04
32 Var. 24: Andantino semplice 0:40

Two Dionysus Dithyrambs, Op.94

  (2007 and 2004)  
33 No.1 With steady, calm movement 2:45
34 No.2 Esultante 2:50

One to Tango, Op.51d

  (1990, arr. 1993) Tempo di tango  

In his piano music, as in his symphonies and string quartets, the English composer David Matthews (b. 1943) marries the idiom of classical tradition with that of his own day. His 2009 Piano Concerto, Mozartian in spirit, contains both a tango and a blues; his Piano Sonata of 1989 includes jazz elements, and his 1997 Variations feature both blues and a homage to Beethoven. The moods range from contemplative introspection to fiery, rhythmic energy, captured here in feisty performances by the Finnish pianist Laura Mikkola, whom the composer describes as ‘a marvellous exponent of my music’.

"... The recording of the entire disc has great prescence. In short, it is so good to see the music of David Matthews get its due."

Colin Clarke - Fanfare - September/October 2013

"David Matthew’s 2009 Piano Concerto, with string orchestra, is an approachable, joyfully tonal work that shoud appeal to pianists and audiences seeking a diverting, fresh 20-minute extenstion of the worlds of Britten and Tippett, with excellent craftsmanship and minimal complication... This should be of interest to pianists looking for high-quality end of the century repertoire. The excellent Finnish pianist Laura Mikkola aquits herself nobly."

Allen Gimbel - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

 "... The sound is immediate and well balanced if with a touch of brittleness in the upper register, but this hardly affects the recommendation for this disc as a whole.  A transciption of the Tango from Matthews Fourth Symphony makes the perfect encore"

Richard Whitehouse - International Record Review - July/August 2013

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