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TR 0492
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TR 0492
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

The Red Mill

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Cast, Chorus & Orchestra of the Ohio Light Opera

J. Lynn Thompson

Record Label
Albany Records


Opera in English

Total Time - 100:31
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  CD One  

The Red Mill

1 Act One: Overture 5:05
2 Act One: Chorus: By the side of the mill 3:29
3 Act One: Dialogue: My help 2:58
4 Act One: Song/ Chorus: I'll tell you all (Mignonette) 3:08
5 Act One: Dialogue: Good morning, Willem 1:47
6 Act One: Duet: You can tell (You Never Can Tell) 2:27
7 Act One: Dialogue: This is the place 3:48
8 Act One: Trio: There isn't any word (Whistle it!) 3:07
9 Act One: Dialogue: Say, that Burgomaster! 3:46
10 Act One: Duet: When my heart 2:44
11 Act One: Dialog: There are two strangers here 3:38
12 Act One: Trio: Big Jim 2:17
13 Act One: Dialog: Mister Conner 1:40
14 Act One: Ensemble: An accident! 3:32
15 Act One: Dialog: The doctor can wait! 3:52
16 Act One: Finale: The day is gone 6:24
  CD Two  

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1 Act Two: Interlude 0:51
2 Act Two: Opening Chorus: Why this silence? 1:54
3 Act Two: Song: Old King Johann 5:39
4 Act Two: Dialog: A wedding without a bride 3:48
5 Act Two: Duet: Look-a here, John 1:15
6 Act Two: Dialog: Christian! Gretchen! 2:10
7 Act Two: Duet: Moonbeams shining 3:36
8 Act Two: Dialog: Back to the main hall 0:53
9 Act Two: Song: Althought I'm but 2:13
10 Act Two: Song: I should like 4:04
11 Act Two: Dialog: Your excellency! 3:06
12 Act Two: Duet: Love is a queer elfin 2:28
13 Act Two: Dialog: Here he comes 5:11
14 Act Two: Trio: In Old New York 2:48
15 Act Two: Chorus: We come 2:55
16 Act Two: Dialog: Your Excellency 2:43
17 Act Two: Finale: In Old New York 1:15
 J. Lynn Thompson
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