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TR 0631
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TR 0631
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

The Grand Duke

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Cast, Chorus & Orchestra of Ohio Light Opera

J. Lynn Thompson

Record Label
Albany Records


Opera in English

Total Time - 125:36
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The Grand Duke

  CD One  
1 Act I: Overture 5:34
2 Act I: Opening: Won't it be a pretty wedding 4:20
3 Act I: Dialogue: Hallo! Suirely I'm not late 1:47
4 Act I: Solo/Chorus: By the mystic regulation 1:34
5 Act I: Dialogue: Ph, bother the secret sign 3:03
6 Act I: Song/Chorus: Were I a king 2:04
7 Act I: Dialogue: Elected by my fellow 3:00
8 Act I: Song: How would I play this part? 4:01
9 Act I: Chorus/Song: My goodness me 3:10
10 Act I: Dialogue: Well, a nice mess 1:39
11 Act I: Quintet: About a century since 2:37
12 Act I: Dialogue: I see! 2:16
13 Act I: Quintets: Strange the views…Now take 4:47
14 Act I: Chorus/Song: The good Grand…A pattern 3:36
15 Act I: Dialogue/Duet: My Lord…As o'er a penny 4:49
16 Act I: Dialogue/Song: Oh, now…When you find 3:43
17 Act I: Dialogue: Now for my confession 2:47
18 Act I: Finale, part 1: Come hither 8:22
  CD Two  

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1 Act I: Finale, part 2: Then horror! 8:19
2 Act II: Opening Chorus; As before you 2:58
3 Act II: Recit/Song: Your loyalty…At the outset 4:58
4 Act II: Recit/Song: Yes, Ludwig…Take care f him 4:08
5 Act II: Dialogue/Duet: And now…Now Julia 5:44
6 Act II: Chorus: Your Highness 2:20
7 Act II: Dialogue: Is this Court mourning? 2:59
8 Act II: Song: Now away to the wedding 0:57
9 Act II: Song: So ends my dream 5:09
10 Act II: Dialogue: Oh, I really cannot stand 2:02
11 Act II: Scene: If the light 2:05
12 Act II: Song/Chorus: Come, bumpers 1:21
13 Act II: Scene: Why, who is this? 4:18
14 Act II: Dialogue: Just in time 0:42
15 Act II: Dance/Dialogue: there, what do you think? 3:08
16 Act II: Song: Take my advice 2:35
17 Act II: Diaogue: Capital game! 2:10
18 Act II: Ensemble/Song: Hurrah…Well, you're a pretty 2:57
19 Act II: Dialogue: My good sir 2:00
20 Act II: Finale: Happy couples 1:37
 J. Lynn Thompson
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