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TR 1012
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TR 1012
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

The Birdseller

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2008


Ohio Light Opera

Nathaniel Motta

Record Label
Albany Records


Opera in English

Total Time - 112:08
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The Birdseller

1 Act One: Preulude 1:38
2 Act One: Introduction: 'Hurrah! We've bagged a boar!' 4:11
3 Act One: Dialogue: 'The Prince is coming to shoot' 1:51
4 Act One: Adam's Entry: 'Hey, hello! Here we are' 5:45
5 Act One: Dialogue: 'Where's Christel?' 2:36
6 Act One: Duet: You once were young' 4:33
7 Act One: Princess' Entry: 'Ah, how far!' 3:56
8 Act One: Dialogue: 'Now, you know your orders?' 2:21
9 Act One: Christel's Entry: 'I am the girl who brings the mail' 3:29
10 Act One: Dialogue: 'Christel!' 1:27
11 Act One: Trio: 'Your Highness, pardon, but I hear' 2:17
12 Act One: Dialogue: 'Is this the place?' 3:16
13 Act One: Finale: 'Shout hurrah!' 13:41

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1 Act Two: Prelude 1:37
2 Act Two: Introduction 4:17
3 Act Two: Dialogue: 'I must find out' 4:58
4 Act Two: Duet: 'I am a Rector' 3:14
5 Act Two: Dialogue: 'I am Baron Weps' 3:19
6 Act Two: Duet: 'If I had seen your face' 2:14
7 Act Two: Dialogue 'If only I could find out' 0:48
8 Act Two: Trio: 'My blushes I could not disguise' 2:11
9 Act Two: Dialogue: 'Adelaide, this girl' 2:22
10 Act Two: Finaletto: 'We have been asked' 16:41
11 Act Three: Prelude 2:22
12 Act Three: Dialogue: 'Christel!' 1:04
13 Act Three: Trio: 'I'll not let you go' 2:17
14 Act Three: Dialogue: 'Stanislaus!' 3:59
15 Act Three: Song: ''Neath the cherry tree' 3:38
16 Act Three: Finale: 'Oh, there you are!' 6:06
 Nathaniel Motta
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