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UX 0227
DUPRE, M.: Chemin de la Croix (Le) (Szypowski)

DUPRE, M.: Chemin de la Croix (Le) (Szypowski)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Jan Szypowski


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Total Time - 70:31
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DUPRE, M.: Chemin de la Croix (Le) (Szypowski)

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Le chemin de la croix (The Stations of the Cross), Op. 29

1 Station 1: Jesus est condamne a mort (Jesus is condemned to death) 03:09
2 Station 2: Jesus est charge da le Croix (Jesus receives his cross) 05:03
3 Station 3: Jesus tombe sous le poids de sa Croix (Jesus falls the first time) 04:35
4 Station 4: Jesus rencontre sa mere (Jesus meets his mother) 06:26
5 Station 5: Simon de Cyreneen aide Jesus a porter sa Croix (Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross) 02:52
6 Station 6: Une femme pieuse essuise la face de Jesus (A woman, Veronica, wipes the face of Jesus) 05:24
7 Station 7: Jesus tombe a terre pour la seconde foix (Jesus falls a second time) 04:03
8 Station 8: Jesus console les filles d'Israel qui le suivent (Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem) 07:49
9 Station 9: Jesus tombe pour la troisieme fois (Jesus falls a third time) 03:52
10 Station 10: Jesus est de pouille de ses vetements (Jesus is stripped of his clothes) 04:03
11 Station 11: Jesus est attache sur la Croix (Jesus is nailed on the cross) 04:18
12 Station 12I: Jesus meurt sur la Croix (Jesus dies upon the cross) 06:23
13 Station 13: Jesus est detache de la Croix et remis a sa Mere (The body of Jesus is taken from the cross and laid in Mary's bosom) 04:07
14 Station 14: Jesus est mis dans le sepulcre (The body of Jesus is laid in the tomb) 08:27
 Jan Szypowski Soloist
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