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UX 0793
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
PADEREWSKI, I.J.: Manru (Figas)

PADEREWSKI, I.J.: Manru (Figas)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Opera Nova Bygdoszcz Orchestra


Maciej Figas


Janusz Ratajczak


Wioletta Chodowicz


Opera Nova Bygdoszcz Chorus


Record Label




Total Time - 120:48
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PADEREWSKI, I.J.: Manru (Figas)




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1 Act I Scene 1: Na spokojny golebnik z blekitu spadi drapiezny ptak … (Jadwiga, Chorus) 04:38
2 Act I Scene 2: Ha, ha, ha! … Urok! Urok! (Urok, Chorus, Mloda Dziewczyna, Jadwiga) 04:00
3 Act I Scene 3: To nie moja rzecz … (Urok, Mloda Dziewczyna, Chorus) 01:11
4 Act I Scene 4: Ulana tu siz zbliza … (Mloda Dziewczyna, Chorus, Ulana, Urok) 04:18
5 Act I Scene 5: Jak ciezko mi, gdy z moich lez wies cala drwi (Ulana, Chorus, Urok) 03:28
6 Act I Scene 6: Matko, czy poznajesz bienq corke swq! (Ulana, Jadwiga, Urok) 06:29
7 Act I Scene 7: Brak slow - Matce wbrew, to znaczy neibiosom wbrew (Ulana, Urok) 05:13
8 Act I Scene 8: Hej, dana da! - Nie bedzie chlopem! (Chorus, Urok, Ulana) 03:30
9 Act I Scene 9: Ulano! - Glupi Cygan! Brudny Cygan! (Manru, Chorus, Ulana, Urok) 01:17
10 Act I Scene 10: Zostawcie ich! - Stac! (Jadwiga, Chorus) 01:10
11 Act II Scene 1: Dzieciecy sen … Spokojny sen … (Manru, Ulana) 10:29
12 Act II Scene 2: A kim, sqsiedzie, twok syn ma byc? (Urok, Manru, Ulana) 09:00
13 Act II Scene 3: A niech go czart! Ha, ha! (Manru, Ulana, Urok) 01:43
14 Act II Scene 4: To on … Poznaje go (Urok, Ulana, Jagu, Manru) 03:23
15 Act II Scene 5: Po co ten Cygan tu lazl? Mow! (Ulana, Manru, Urok) 08:07
16 Act II Scene 6: Podle lze, ten gad, co w slowa saczy jad … (Manru, Ulana) 08:46

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1 Act III: Preludium 02:36
2 Act III Scene 1: Brak tchu … Ja sie dusze … (Manru, Mlody Cygan) 04:50
3 Act III Scene 2: Jesli Cygan w dal nie ruszy … (Mlody Cygan, Chorus, Aza, Manru, Oros) 15:46
4 Act III Scene 3: Stoj! Zar uczuc burzy mloda krew … (Jahu, Aza, Chorus, Orso, Manru) 10:48
5 Act III Scene 4: Kiedy czlowiek jest szczesliwy … (Manru, Chorus) 01:10
6 Act III Scene 5: To wolny swiat! (Chorus, Urok, Oros) 01:50
7 Act III Scene 6: Manru! Gdzie jestes? (Ulana, Urok) 07:06
 Janusz Ratajczak Soloist
 Wioletta Chodowicz Soloist
 Maciej Figas Conductor

Little know Paderewski’s opera "Manru" after World War Two was performed only in Poland, with no more than three productions. In 2001, the 60th anniversary of Paderewski’s death, Wroclaw Opera performed Manru in a concert version. The present recording is based on that production. 

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