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WR 6001
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WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Bodanzky) (1935)

WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Bodanzky) (1935)

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


Artur Bodanzky


Hans Clemens


Metropolitan Opera Chorus



New York


Record Label
West Hill Radio Archives




Total Time - 178:39
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WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Bodanzky) (1935)




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Tristan und Isolde

1 Act I: Prelude 11:22
2 Act I Scene 1: Westwarts schweift der Blick (A Young Sailor, Isolde, Brangane) 5:39
3 Act I Scene 2: Frisch weht der Wind der Heimat zu (A Young Sailor, Isolde, Brangane, Tristan, Kurwenal, Sailors) 9:13
4 Act I Scene 3: Weh, ach wehe! Dies zu dulden! (Brangane, Isolde) 18:31
5 Act I Scene 4: Auf! Auf! Ihr Frauen! Frisch und froh! (Kurwenal, Isolde, Brangane) 7:02
6 Act I Scene 5: Begehrt, Herrin, was ihr wunscht (Tristan, Isolde) 25:16

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1 Act II: Prelude 1:50
2 Act II Scene 1: Horst du sie noch? (Isolde, Brangane) 12:57
3 Act II Scene 2: Isolde! Geliebte! (Tristan, Isolde) 6:09
4 Act II Scene 2: Nacht der Liebe (Tristan, Isolde) 18:52
5 Act II Scene 3: Rette dich, Tristan! (Kurwenal, Tristan, Melot) 1:41
6 Act II Scene 3: Tatest du's wirklich? (Marke) 18:29

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1 Act III: Prelude 7:32
2 Act III Scene 1: Kurwenal! He! (A Shepherd, Tristan, Kurwenal) 1:41
3 Act III Scene 1: Die alte weise; was weckt sie mich? (Tristan, Kurwenal) 14:03
4 Act III Scene 2: O, die Sonne! Ha, dieser Tag! (Tristan, Isolde) 3:01
5 Act III Scene 2: Ha! Ich bin's, sussester Freund! (Isolde) 4:03
6 Act III Scene 3: Kurwenal! Hor! Ein zweites Schiff (A Shepherd, Brangane, Kurwenal) 4:11
7 Act III Scene 3: Mild und leise wie er lachelt (Isolde, Melot, Marke) 7:07
 Hans Clemens Soloist
 Artur Bodanzky Conductor

Tristan und Isolde
(Live Recording: New York, 9 March 1935)

“...This recording captures Wagnerian singing at its dramatic best by two of the greatest voices of the twentieth century and prime interpreters of the lead roles. The beauty and purity of Flagstad’s singing, captured at the beginning of her worldwide fame, combined with Melchior’s heroic scale and nobility creates an unsurpassed performance in this profoundly influential opera...” 
The National Recording Registry (2009)

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