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WR 6010
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WR 6010
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
VERDI, G.: Trovatore (Il) [Opera] (Bjorling, Roman, Warren, Harshaw, Copper) (1947)

VERDI, G.: Trovatore (Il) [Opera] (Bjorling, Roman, Warren, Harshaw, Copper) (1947)

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release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


Emil Cooper


Giacomo Vaghi


Metropolitan Opera Chorus


Record Label
West Hill Radio Archives




Total Time - 130:06
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VERDI, G.: Trovatore (Il) [Opera] (Bjorling, Roman, Warren, Harshaw, Copper) (1947)




Il trovatore


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1 Act I: All'erta! all'erta! (Ferrando, Chorus) 2:45
2 Act I: Di due figli vivea (Ferrando, Chorus) 8:15
3 Act I: Che piu t'arresti? (Ines, Leonora) 2:26
4 Act I: Tacea la notte placida (Leonora, Ines) 5:57
5 Act I: Tace la notte! (Conte) 2:08
6 Act I: Deserto sulla terra (Manrico, Conte) 1:35
7 Act I: Non m'inganno … Ella scende! … Di geloso amor sprezzato (Conte, Leonora, Manrico) 5:34
8 Act II: Vedi, le fosche notturne (Chorus) 2:39
9 Act II: Stride la vampa! (Azucena) 2:59
10 Act II: Mesta e la tua canzon! (Chorus, Acuzena, Manrico, Uni Zingaro) 1:47
11 Act II: Soli or siamo! (Manrico, Azucena) 0:59
12 Act II: Codotta ell' era in ceppi (Azucena, Manrico) 5:11
13 Act II: Non son tuo figlio! (Manrico, Azucena) 2:13
14 Act II: Mal reggendo all'aspro assalto (Manrico, Azucena) 7:04
15 Act II: Tutto e deserto! (Conte, Ferrando) 1:43
16 Act II: Il balen del suo sorriso … Per me ora fatale (Conte, Ferrando, Chorus) 6:40
17 Act II: Ah! se l'error tingombra (Chorus, Conte, Ferrando) 2:20
18 Act II: Perche piangete? (Leonora, Ines, Conte, Chorus) 2:18
19 Act II: E deggio e posso crederlo? (Leonora, Conte, Manrico, Ferrando, Chorus, Ines, Ruiz) 4:15

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1 Act III: Or co'dadi, ma fra poco … Squilli, eccheggi la tromba guerriera (Chorus, Ferrando) 4:28
2 Act III: In braccio al mio rival! (Conte, Ferrando, Azucena, Chorus) 2:13
3 Act III Scene 1: Giorni poveri vivea (Azucena, Ferrando, Conte, Chorus) 4:59
4 Act III: Quale d'armi fragor (Leonora, Manrico) 2:12
5 Act III: Ah! si, ben mio (Manrico) 3:42
6 Act III: L'onda de'suoni mistici (Leonora, Manrico) 1:49
7 Act III: Di quella pira (Manrico, Leonora, Ruiz, Chorus) 2:50
8 Act IV: Siam giunti; ecco la torre (Ruiz, Leonora) 2:58
9 Act IV: D'amor sull'ali rosee vanne (Leonora) 3:54
10 Act IV: Miserere d'un alma gia vicina (Chorus, Leonora, Manrico) 5:29
11 Act IV: Udiste? Come albeggi (Conte, Leonora) 1:48
12 Act IV: Mira, di acerbe lagrime (Conte, Leonora) 5:21
13 Act IV: Madre … non dormi? (Manrico, Azucena) 9:07
14 Act IV: Che! … non m'inganna (Manrico, Leonora, Azucena) 4:12
15 Act IV: Ti scosta! (Manrico, Leonora, Conte, Azucena) 6:16
 Giacomo Vaghi Soloist
 Emil Cooper Conductor

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) 
Il Trovatore (Opera in Four Acts)
This peformance of ’Il trovatore’, broadcast from th Metropolitan Opera on December 27, 1947, has long been known to exist in recorded sound and has even circulated to a limited extent among collectors, albeit in copies that were too truncated or murky to afford much enjoyment. Here for the first time we can listen to the whole opera in an expertly restored recording, not at all inferior in quality to other Met airchecks of that era. And it is a cause for some rejoicing, for the performance proves much more cohesive and compelling than has been suggested in the past. Moreover the starring tenor and baritone, Jussi Björling and Leonard Warren (both of them thirty-six at the time), are immortalized here at their vocal best as Manrico and Di Luna. In particular the tenor protagonist - Björling was in many ways the finest Verdi tenor of his era and his remarkable accomplishment lends this release its particular appeal - offers here greater warmth and amplitude of sound in the lower octave than he could muster in his earlier recordings of this opera, without any substantial loss of ease in the upper register.
“…this Trovatore possibly represents Björling at his very best, uninhibited by the sometimes antiseptic studio conditions. Lovers of great singing should be grateful to West Hill Radio Archives for bringing this engrossing performance to the general public."
Göran Forsling -

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