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WR 6013
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WR 6013
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
DONIZETTI, G.: Lucia di Lammermoor (Martini) (1972)

DONIZETTI, G.: Lucia di Lammermoor (Martini) (1972)

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Buenos Aires Teatro Colon Orchestra


Juan Emilio Martini


Beverly Sills


Buenos Aires Teatro Colon Chorus



Buenos Aires


Record Label
West Hill Radio Archives




Total Time - 135:16
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DONIZETTI, G.: Lucia di Lammermoor (Martini) (1972)




Lucia di Lammermoor


Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Act I Scene 1: Preludio 2:19
2 Act I Scene 1: Percorrete le spiagge vicine (Normanno) 2:19
3 Act I Scene 1: Tu sei turbato! (Normanno) 2:55
4 Act I Scene 1: Cruda funesta smania (Enrico) 2:16
5 Act I Scene 1: Il tuo dubbio e omai certezza … (Chorus) 2:09
6 Act I Scene 1: La pietade in suo favore (Enrico) 2:10
7 Act I Scene 2: Preludio 2:55
8 Act I Scene 2: Ancor non giunse! (Lucia) 1:42
9 Act I Scene 2: Regnava nel silenzio (Lucia) 4:34
10 Act I Scene 2: Quando rapito in estasi (Lucia) 3:38
11 Act I Scene 2: Egli s'avanza (Alisa) 2:39
12 Act I Scene 2: Sulla tomba che rinserra (Edgardo) 3:09
13 Act I Scene 2: Qui di sposa eterna fede (Edgardo) 2:37
14 Act I Scene 2: Verranno a te sull'aure (Edgardo, Lucia) 5:19
15 Act II Scene 1: Lucia fra poco a te verra (Normanno) 3:08
16 Act II Scene 1: Appressati, Lucia (Lucia) 5:13
17 Act II Scene 1: Soffriva nel pianto … (Lucia) 3:56
18 Act II Scene 1: Che fia … (Lucia) 1:28
19 Act II Scene 1: Se tradirmi tu potrai … (Enrico) 2:28
20 Act II Scene 2: Ebben? (Lucia) 2:30
21 Act II Scene 2: Ah! Cedi o piu sciagure (Raimondo) 2:37
22 Act II Scene 1: Al ben de' tuoi qual vittima (Raimondo) 3:13

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Act II Scene 2: Per te d'immenso giubilo (Chorus) 3:39
2 Act II Scene 2: Dov'e Lucia? (Arturo) 4:30
3 Act II Scene 2: Chi mi frena in tal momento? (Edgardo) 4:11
4 Act II Scene 2: T'allontana, sciagurato (Enrico, Arturo) 5:12
5 Act III Scene 1: Orrida e questa notte (Edgardo) 2:27
6 Act III Scene 1: Qui del padre ancor respira (Edgardo) 5:59
7 Act III Scene 2: D'immenso giubilo (Chorus) 1:48
8 Act III Scene 2: Ah! Cessate quel contento! … (Raimondo) 0:39
9 Act III Scene 2: Oh! Qual funesto avvenimento! (Chorus) 1:56
10 Act III Scene 2: Oh giusto cielo! (Chorus) 3:14
11 Act III Scene 2: Ohime! Sorge il tremendo fantasma … (Lucia) 9:08
12 Act III Scene 2: S'avanza Enrico (Raimondo) 3:05
13 Act III Scene 2: Si tragga altrove (Enrico) 1:37
14 Act III Scene 2: Spargi d'amaro pianto (Lucia) 4:08
15 Act III Scene 3: Tombe degli avi miei … (Edgardo) 4:30
16 Act III Scene 3: Fra poco a me ricovero … (Edgardo) 3:51
17 Act III Scene 3: Oh, meschina! (Chorus) 4:25
18 Act III Scene 3: Tu che a Dio spiegasti l'ali (Edgardo) 5:43
 Beverly Sills Soloist
 Juan Emilio Martini Conductor
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“There is much to enjoy in this preserved performance – not least from the three major artists who are all caught in their vocal prime… Here, caught under live conditions and with the voluble reactions of the extremely enthusiastic audience one is made aware of the aspects of Sills’s art that were so appealing. She was reportedly never endowed with a particularly big voice, and it was sometimes described as having limited colour and tonal variety. The vocal sound as captured here is certainly bright but she is absolutely dazzling and breathtakingly agile in her coloratura, particularly in ‘Regnava nel silencio’ and in the famous ‘Mad Scene’. ”

Alexander Campbell -

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