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ZT 0119
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ZT 0119
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

YSAŸE, E.: 6 Sonatas for Solo Violin, Op. 27 / Sonata for 2 Violins in A Minor (Papavrami, Roussev)

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 88.2Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


Tedi Papavrami


Svetlin Roussev



Arc en Scenes - Salle de Musique, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland


Record Label
Zig-Zag Territories




Total Time - 89:45
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YSAŸE, E.: 6 Sonatas for Solo Violin, Op. 27 / Sonata for 2 Violins in A Minor (Papavrami, Roussev)




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Violin Sonata in G Minor, Op. 27, No. 1

1 I. Grave: Lento assai 04:33
2 II. Fugato: Molto moderato 04:34
3 III. Allegretto poco scherzoso: Amabile 03:54
4 IV. Finale con brio: Allegro fermo 02:54

Violin Sonata in A Minor, Op. 27, No. 2

5 I. Prelude, "Obsession": Poco vivace 02:37
6 II. Malinconia: Poco Lento 02:31
7 III. Sarabande (lento): "Danse des ombres" (Dance of the shades) 04:08
8 IV. Les Furies: Allegro furioso 03:01

Violin Sonata in D Minor, Op. 27, No. 3, "Ballade"


Violin Sonata in E Minor, Op. 27, No. 4

10 I. Allemanda: Lento maestoso 05:17
11 II. Sarabande: Quasi lento 03:08
12 III. Finale: Presto ma non troppo 02:38

Violin Sonata in G Major, Op. 27, No. 5

13 I. L'Aurore: Lento assai (Mesure tres libre) 05:40
14 II. Danse rustique: Allegro giocoso molto moderato 05:29

Violin Sonata in E Major, Op. 27, No. 6


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Sonata for 2 Violins in A Minor

1 I. Poco lento - Maestoso 10:51
2 II. Allegretto poco lento 07:09
3 III. Allegro vivo e con fuoco 11:29
  Svetlin Roussev Soloist
 Tedi Papavrami Soloist

This recording is the logical – and awaited – complement to the ‘Fugue for Solo Violin’ set released in the spring of 2013, on the occasion of the publication of Tedi Papavrami’s autobiography by Robert Laffont.

It features the Sonatas for solo violin by Eugène Ysaÿe, an extraordinary violinist who, in his time, played a role comparable to that of Niccolò Paganini, just a century earlier. Ysaÿe dedicated each of these six sonatas to one of the very great violinists of his time (Szigeti, Thibaud, Enesco, Kreisler…). They constitute heights of virtuosity that few musicians can envisage confronting and are, at the same time, musical works of the first rank.

Tedi Papavrami has chosen to supplement this cycle with a work that Ysaÿe composed in 1915 and dedicated to his student, Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.

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