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CHAN 10577
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CHAN 10577

The Film Music of Bernard Herrmann

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2009


BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba

Martin Roscoe


Orla Boylan



Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester


Brian Pidgeon

Mike George


Stephen Rinker

Michael Smith

(Assistant: all works except 'Salammbô's Aria')

Denise Else

(Assistant: 'Salammbô's Aria')

Record Label
Chandos Movies


Film & TV Music

Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 76:29
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Music from 'Hangover Square'

  Arranged from the original manuscripts by Stephen Hogger  
1 Opening Titles. Molto appassionato - Slower - 6:21
  1. The Dealer. [ ] -  
  2. Murder and Fire. Moderato - Allegro vivo - Slow -  
  3. Confession. Slow - Poco a poco accelerando - Più vivo - A tempo  
2 7. Netta. Slowly - 4:29
  11. The Spell. [ ] -  
  12. The Murder. Allegro vivo - Slow -  
  14. Fame. Slow - Rallentando - Valse brillante - Lento  
3 17. The Cat. Very slow - 6:05
  18. Netta's Death. Slow - Vivo -  
  19. The Bonfire. Moderato - Più mosso - Rallentando - Allegro vivo - Accelerando - Slow - Slow - [A tempo] -  
  20. Recovery. Slow  

Concerto macabre

  for Piano and Orchestra  
  A performing edition by Norma Shepherd, 1992, based on the manuscript sources for the film Hangover Square, incorporating the composer's revisions for concert performance  
  Molto appassionato - Lento espressivo - Declamato - Agitato -  
 Martin Roscoe piano

Music from 'Citizen Kane'

  Arranged from the original manuscripts by Stephen Hogger  
5 1. Prelude. Lento - 8:10
  2. Rain (Susan in Nightclub). [ ] -  
  3. Thatcher Library. Largo -  
  4. Manuscript Reading and Snow Picture. Slowly -  
  Allegretto -  
  5. Mother's Sacrifice. Lento -  
  6. Charles Meets Thatcher. Lento - Allargando  
6 7. Galop. Allegro vivace - 7:15
  8. Dissolve to Thatcher Reading Document. [ ] - Lento -  
  9. Second Manuscript. [ ] -  
  10. Thanks. Moderato -  
  11. Bernstein's Narration. [ ] -  
  12. Kane's New Office. [ ] -  
  12a. New Hornpipe Polka. Moderato -  
  13. Carter's Exit. Allegretto - Lento -  
  14. Chronicle Scherzo. Allegro con brio -  
  14a. Bernstein's Presto. Allegro vivace  
7 15. Kane's Return. Allegro vivace - 7:38
  16. Collecting Statues. Moderato -  
  17. Valse Presentation. Tempo di valse - Allegro vivace -  
  18. Sunset Narrative. Slowly -  
  19. Theme and Variations  
  Valse tempo -  
  Variation 1. Allegretto scherzando -  
  Variation II. Presto -  
  Variation III. Allegretto -  
  Variation IV. Allegro agitato -  
  Variation V. Lento -  
  Variation VI. Valse lento  
8 20b. Kane Meets Susan. Very slowly - 5:40
  21. Susan's Room. Andante -  
  22. Mother Memory. Lento -  
  23b. The Trip. Slow -  
  24a. Geddes's Departure. Largo -  
  25. Kane Marries. [ ] - Molto marcato -  
9 26. Salammbô's Aria. Maestoso. Andante amoroso - 4:12
  Agitato -  
 Orla Boylan soprano
10 27. Leland's Dismissal. Lento marcato pesante - 7:10
  28. New Dawn Music. [ ] -  
  29. Xanadu. Lento -  
  30. Jigsaws. Moderato -  
  31. Second Zanadu. Lento  
11 32. Kane's Picnic. Tempo di blues - 8:28
  33. Susan Leaves. Lento lontano -  
  34. El Rancho. Lento -  
  35. The Glass Ball. Largo -  
  36. Finale. Adagio - Agitato - Maestoso  

Brilliant as both a conductor and composer, Bernard Herrmann is arguably the most innovative film composer of the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s. He provided background music for 47 feature films released between 1941 and 1976, including such cinema classics as Citizen Kane, Psycho, and Taxi Driver and is especially recognised for his work with Alfred Hitchcock.

Herrmann rejected the term ‘film composer’; rather, he thought of himself as a composer who worked on films. He admired Vaughan Williams, Walton and Prokofiev who were able to compose great works for films as well as for the concert hall. These musical influences resulted in his own scores challenging the way film scores were viewed, taking them from a late addition to an art.

Often cited as the greatest movie ever made, Citizen Kane was Herrmann’s first film score. Much has been made of Orson Welle’s influence over cinema history but Bernard Herrmann’s score plays no small part in the film’s incredible success and earned him a nomination for Academy Award for best dramaticscore. Film noir, Hangover Square is based on Patrick Hamilton’s novel of the same name. This dark movie has a similarly dark score that was influenced by Richard Addinsell’s success with ‘Warsaw Concerto’. The final scene sees the character, Bone mesmerizingly playing his great piano concerto, as flames consume all around him. Stephen Sondheim has referred to Herrmann’s score as a major influence on his musical Sweeney Todd.

Bernard Herrmann sits perfectly amongst the Chandos Movies series, conducted by Rumon Gamba and is sure to be a must for nostalgic film music lovers.

“…The BBC Philharmonic and Rumon Gamba do the music proud. …this excellently produced, vividly recorded release can be enthusiastically recommended.”

Colin Anderson - 21 April 2010

“The disc does … include the Concerto Macabre, Hermann’s concert version of the lethal concerto from Hanover Square, thrillingly done with electrifying soloist Martin Roscoe.”

Tim Ashley                                                                   

The Guardian - 9 April 2010

                  -     Choc    -

Franck Mallet

Classica - April 2010

“Two fine scores from Bernard Herrmann, excellently presented by Rumon Gamba and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.” ****

Peter Joelson

Audiophile Audition - March 2010

“Admirers of Hermann’s firm music shouldn’t hesitate to snap this up.”

Adrian Edwards

Gramophone - March 2010

The material here, by Bernard Hermann, is many cuts above the usual fare, as he was in my opinion, one of the top five composers in cinema history. This then is wonderfully enhanced by this products availability in the 96 kHz, 24 bit formula. It has stunning depth and detail, which is seductive to any serious listener indeed.
c nelson

D Guest