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Antonius, Hermes Nicolaas / Groen
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Baraillec, Philippe Le
Batts, Mike
Becaud, Gilbert
Beirach, Richie
Beirach, Lee Konitz / Dave Liebman / Richie
Beirach, Lee Konitz / Richie
Beirach, Dave Liebman / Richie
Benavent, Carles
Berg, Isak Albert
Berg, Harold
Bergman, David Grusin / Alan Bergman / Marilyn
Bettis, Richard Carpenter / John
Bloch, Ernest
Boehme, Lander Gyselinck / Bram de Looze / Anneleen
Brassens, Georges
Brooker, Keith Reid / Gary
Brubeck, Dave
Cabay, Guy
Carrothers, Bill
Celea, Jean-Paul
Chauliac, Charles Trenet / Leon
Chausson, Ernest
Chkrrr, Serena Fisseau /
Coleman, Ornette
Coltrane, John
Corea, Lou Reed / Chick
Craven, Beverly
Davis, Miles
Doors, The
Douglas, George David Weiss / George
Evans, Miles Davis / Bill
Ferré, Leo
Fox, Norman Gimbel / Charles
Fresu, After in Paris / Paolo
Fugain, Michel
Fussen, Moïse
Gainsbourd, Serge
Galland, Stéphane
Gaste, Morris Albert / Louis
Green, Johnny
Grimmonprez, Stéphane Kerecki / Bojan Z / Thomas
Gyselinck, Lander
Gyselinck, Bram de Looze / Lander
Harbach, Jerome Kern / Otto
Hart, Richard Rodgers / Lorenz
Haydn, Joseph
Hayward, Justin
Jacques, Leïla Martial / Eric Perez / Jean-Christophe
Jobim, Antonio Carlos
Joel, Billy
Jouannest, Jacques Brel / Gerard
Kanodou, Guy Waku /
Kelly, Susanna Lee Hoffs / Billy Steinberg / Yhomas
Kerecki, Stéphane
Kern, Jerome
Khatchaturian, Aram
Konitz, Lee
Konitz, Dave Liebman / Lee
Kosma, Joseph
Kühn, Joachim
Lai, Françis
Legrand, Michel
Lennon, John
Liebman, Dave
Liebman, David
Liebman, After in Paris / Dave
Liebman, Lee Konitz / Dave
Looze, Bram de
Luna, Félix
Malik, Magic
Maljean, Jean-François
Mansion, Alec
Marechal, Hugues
Marechal, Frank Degryse / Hugues
Maria, Andres Cano / José
Martial, Leïla
Mas, Jean-Pierre
McCartney, John Lennon / Paul
McClure, Ron
Monk, Thelonious
Monnot, Margueritte
Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius De
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Narunsky, Micu
Palitz, Alec Wilder / William Engvick / Mortimer
Paris, After in
Perez, Eric
Piazzolla, Jocelyn Mienniel / Astor
Porter, Cole
Ralchev, Petar
Ravel, Maurice
Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim
Rollins, Sonny
Sager, Peter Allen / Burt Bacharach / Christopher Cross / Carole
Salvador, Henri
Schubert, Franz
Schwartz, Howard Dietz / Arthur
Silvestri, Alan
Sinopoulos, Sokratis
Stern, Emile
Stevens, Cat
Taupin, Elton John / Bernie
Taylor, James
Thibaut, Jacques Revaux / Claude François / Gilles
Traditional, Serbian
Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson / Björn
Waldron, Mal
Warren, Al Dubin / Harry
Watson, Eric
Werner, Kenny
Zimmerli, Charles Carmignac / Arthur Gillette / Rosemary Standley / Stephan
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OUTNOTE Records is a label devoted to jazz. It reflects the vitality of today's creation with high standards in artistic choices and production combined with openness to innovation that constitutes the very essence of 'the most highbrow type of popular music'. An ambitious project, OUTNOTE Records was born in 2010 following the encounter of Charles Adriaenssen, President of the Outhere Music group, and Jean-Jacques Pussiau, founder of OWL Records (now a Universal label) and Nightbird Music. OUTNOTE Records has honoured its commitments, constituting a special showcase where the musical ‘state of things' of artists of confirmed, recognized talent as well as of young, upcoming musicians is established.

The label's artistic director, Jean-Jacques Pussiau, has remained faithful to values that have enabled him to contribute to building the work of classic jazzmen (Michel Petrucciani, Stéphane Grappelli, Helen Merrill, Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz, Paul Bley, Eric Watson, Kenny Werner, Martial Solal, Ray Barretto...). For OUTNOTE Records, recordings still represent the media through which a musician propels his inspiration from the development stage to that of the elaborated work, set in a particular moment of vast time without, for all that, being rigid. To quote saxophonist Johnny Griffin: 'Jazz is music made by and for people who have chosen to feel good in spite of conditions...'

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OH 0014
Dance Floor
OH 0007
OH 0020
OH 0012
Free Ibiza
OH 0009
Impressions of Tokyo
Ancient City of the Future
OH 0013
OH 0650
Kanodou Style Pas le temps - Single
OH 0006
OH 0018
OH 0700
Les salons de musique
OH 0019
OH 0004
Memories of Paris
OH 0001
OH 0003
New York - Love Songs
OH 0010
Out of Print
OH 0651
OH 0653
Piano-Plage (Le spectacle musical)
OH 0002
Re-Dial (Live in Hamburg)
OH 0017
Sound Architects
OH 0008
OH 0005
Time Cycle
OH 0011
OH 0016
Yes Ornette !