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Ainsley, John Mark
Alvarez, Carlos
Anastassov, Orlin
Ardant, Fanny
Arnet, Marie
Ashworth, Alexander
Banks, Barry
Barcellona, Daniela
Beuron, Yann
Bezduz, Bulent
Blackwell, Harolyn
Boesch, Florian
Borowski, Daniel
Bostridge, Ian
Brewer, Christine
Broderick, Katherine
Brubeck, Chris
Brubeck, Darius
Brubeck, Matthew
Brubeck, Dan
Buchanan, Alison
Bulycheva, Zlata
Butter, Markus
Cals, Isabelle
Cargill, Karen
Charbonnet, Jeanne-Michèle
Choir of Eltham College,
Choral Arts Society of Washington,
Claycomb, Laura
Clayton, Allan
Clayton-Jolly, Michael
Coleman-Wright, Peter
Cvilak, Sabina
Dankworth, Alec
Davidson, Grace
Davies, Ryland
Davies, Gareth
Davis, Colin
Davis, Sir Colin
Davislim, Steve
Dazeley, William
Denoke, Angela
Domashenko, Marina
Dudinova, Liudmila
Elliott, Alasdair
Farnes, Richard
Farnsworth, Marcus
Fink, Bernarda
Finley, Gerald
Foster-Williams, Andrew
Fujimura, Mihoko
Gardiner, Sir John Eliot
Gaunt, William
Gergiev, Valery
Gillett, Christopher
Gloyd, Russell
Goerne, Matthias
Gritton, Susan
Groop, Monica
Grove, Jill
Gubanova, Ekaterina
Gunn, Nathan
Haitink, Bernard
Hall, Lucy
Halsey, Simon
Halsey, Simon
Hardenberger, Hakan
Harding, Daniel
Henschel, Dietrich
Henschel, Jane
Hoare, Peter
Hugh, Tim
Ibarra, Ana
Imbrailo, Jacques
Jakobski, Lukas
Jansons, Mariss
Jeffery, Darren
Jeffrey, Darren
Johnson, Ben
Johnston, Jennifer
Kaufman, Richard
Kaufman, Whitney Claire
Keenlyside, Simon
Kennedy, Andrew
Kravtsova, Tatiana
Kunde, Gregory
Ladies of the London Symphony Chorus,
Larsson, Anna
Legkova, Olga
Lemalu, Jonathan
Loges, Stephan
London Philharmonic Choir,
London Symphony Chamber Orchestra,
London Symphony Chorus,
London Symphony Orchestra,
London Voices,
LSO String Ensemble,
MacMaster, John
Maltman, Christopher
Mariinsky Orchestra,
Markov, Alexey
Matsuev, Denis
Mattei, Peter
Matthews, Sally
Maxwell Davies, Peter
Men of the London Symphony Chorus,
Michaels-Moore, Anthony
Miles, Alastair
Militello, Bobby
Mingardo, Sara
Mlinde, Vuyani
Monteverdi Choir,
Moreno, Maria Josè
Mosuc, Elena
Neill, Stuart
Nikitin, Evgeny
Nikolitch, Gordan
Noseda, Gianandrea
O'Neill, Simon
Ovenden, Jeremy
Paasikivi, Lilli
Padmore, Mark
Palmer, Felicity
Pappano, Antonio
Pendrill, Christine
Persson, Miah
Pertusi, Michele
Pires, Maria João
Playfoot, Andrew
Popov, Andrei
Popova, Ekaterina
Previn, Andre
Quirke, Benedict
Rachmaninoff, Sergei
Rattle, Simon
Relyea, John
Rendall, David
Robinson, Twyla
Rose, Peter
Rose, Matthew
Roth, Francois-Xavier
Roth, Francois-Xavier
Royal, Kate
Rutherford, James
Saks, Gidon
Schwanewilms, Anne
Semishkur, Sergei
Semiskhur, Sergey
Sergeeva, Ekaterina
Shevtsova, Lia
Shipley, David
Short, Nigel
Sigmundsson, Kristinn
Simovic, Roman
Skelton, Stuart
Smoriginas, Kostas
Snell, Martin
Solovieva, Varvara
Spence, Toby
Staples, Andrew
Stephany, Anna
Storey, Ian
String Ensemble,
Tamestit, Antoine
Tarver, Kenneth
Thomas, Indra
Tiffin Boys' Choir,
Tortise, Andrew
Tsymbalyuk, Alexander
Tufano, Eufemia
Tynan, Ailish
Uusitalo, Juha
Vogt, Lars
von Otter, Anne Sofie
Watson, Janice
Westrop, Stephen
White, Willard
Wilson-Johnson, David
Winslade, Glenn
Woldt, Lars
Wyn-Rogers, Catherine
Yastrebova, Viktoria
Zhidkova, Elena
Zimmermann, Tabea
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London Symphony Orchestra
Music for today and tomorrow

In its 102nd season the London Symphony Orchestra is riding the crest of a wave. Valery Gergiev begins his tenure as Principal Conductor from January, and after eleven years as Principal Conductor, Sir Colin Davis becomes the LSO’s President, only the fifth in the Orchestra’s entire history. Daniel Harding also joins Michael Tilson Thomas as Principal Guest Conductor. The LSO’s roster of conductors is second to none. At its Barbican home the LSO promotes more concerts than any other classical music organisation in the capital. Audiences here and at LSO St Luke’s are growing: more and different people are coming to LSO concerts, and average attendance has grown by 20% in the last four years. Recordings now bring the Orchestra to a global audience of millions recently in films such as Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and you can hear the LSO on radio, TV, in the movies, on computer games, on planes, in elevators and just about anywhere music is enjoyed. LSO Live is the best-selling orchestral own-label in the world and is regularly No 1 in the classical downloads charts.

LSO Discovery is constantly searching for new talent through LSO and UBS Sound Adventures and the Panufnik Scheme, two programmes for emerging composers, the annual LSO St Luke’s Academy, LSO String Experience, Wind, Brass and Percussion schemes and conducting masterclasses. We are discovering new ways to exploit technology for music-making, using the National Grid for Learning to conduct simultaneous live music sessions with multiple schools in Hackney and Islington and beyond. Our concert audiences can now contact us using their technology of choice, and you can invite your relatives to special concerts tailored for families. Student and Community Ambassadors and City Agents bring along first-timers to concerts at the Barbican and LSO St Luke’s. LSO St Luke’s, the UBS and LSO Music Education Centre on Old Street, is expanding its artistic programme to include more BBC Radio 3 lunchtime chamber concerts, Friday Night is Music Night with BBC Radio 2, BBC television broadcasts with artists including Elton John and Corinne Bailey Rae, world music promotions and the UBS Eclectica concert series with top artists from diverse musical backgrounds. LSO Discovery runs regular music-making classes for local residents and workers Monday night is community night with adults’ choir, youth choir, community gamelan group and digital technology classes.

The LSO’s pioneering spirit was strong even in its infancy. It was the first British orchestra to tour abroad (1906) and the first European orchestra to travel to America (1912). Since its inception the LSO has given literally hundreds of first performances and commissioned some of the most important music ever written. The Orchestra has the ability to capture the public imagination: it made its first recording in 1913; its first film in 1935; its first popular TV programme (André Previn’s Music Night) in 1971; its first ringtone in 2000; its first video-conferenced masterclass in 2003; its first digital download in 2005, and its first Baby IQ DVD in 2006. Managing Director Kathryn McDowell, musicians and staff are determined to pursue the LSO’s world class quality and access mission to ever-greater lengths, re-defining the role of the Orchestra in its second century. Always inventive and dynamic, the LSO has led the way in orchestral development and initiative. The Orchestra has deep roots, having evolved and adapted to a constantly changing world for over 100 years. The LSO now has its focus firmly fixed on the future.
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115 Albums Found
LS 0685
Bluebeard's Castle
LS 0245
Beethoven - Piano Concerto No.2
LS 0593
LS 0594
Mass in C Prisoners' Chorus
LS 0598
Symphonies Nos 1-9
LS 0087
Symphonies Nos 4 and 8
LS 0090
Symphonies Nos 5 and 1
LS 0082
Symphonies Nos 6 and 2
LS 0080
Symphony No 3 'Eroica' - Leonore Overture No 2
LS 0078
Symphony No. 7 Triple Concerto
LS 0092
Symphony No. 9
LS 0729
Berlioz - Grande Messe des morts
LS 0760
Berlioz - Harold en Italie La mort de Cléopâtre
LS 0757
Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique
LS 0004
Béatrice et Bénédict
LS 0123
Benvenuto Cellinni
LS 0040
Harold en Italie Ballet Music from Les Troyens
LS 0008
La Damnation de Faust
LS 0606
L'enfance du Christ
LS 0010
Les Troyens
LS 0003
Romeo et Juliette
LS 0007
Symphonie fantastique
LS 0737
Brahms - Symphonies 3 & 4
LS 0733
Brahms - Symphonies Nos 1 & 2 etc
LS 0043
Concerto for Violin and Cello Symphony No. 2
LS 0005
Ein Deutsches Requiem
LS 0056
Serenade No. 2 Symphony No. 3
LS 0057
Symphony No 4
LS 0045
Symphony No. 1 Tragic Overture
LS 0070
Symphony Nos 1-4
LS 0749
Britten - The Turn of the Screw
LS 0054
Peter Grimes
LS 0719
War Requiem
LS 0746
Bruckner - Symphony No.9
LS 0022
Symphony No 6
LS 0023
Symphony No 9
LS 0716
Symphony No. 4
LS 0011
Dave Brubeck Live With The LSO
LS 0692
La mer
LS 5065
Decomposed! My Brother's Turning into a Zombie!