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Alain, Jehan
Albright, William
Anerio, Felice
Argento, Dominick
Ausonius, Decimus Magnus
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Ballet, William
Bates, Richard
Belloc, Hilaire
Bennett, Richard Rodney
Berekeley, Lennox
Berkeley, Michael
Berkeley, Lennox
Berlioz, Hector
Bertali, Antonio
Bible - New Testament,
Bingham, Judith
Blitheman, John
Blow, John
Boely, Alexandre Pierre Francois
Böhm, Georg
Bridge, Frank
Britten, Benjamin
Bull, John
Buonarroti, Michaelangelo
Bury, Bernard de
Bush, Geoffrey
Bussey, Martin
Buxtehude, Dieterich
Byrd, William
Caccini, Giulio
Caccini, Francesca
Casken, John
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario
Ciccolini, Alessandro
Corelli, Arcangelo
Cornelius, Peter
Couperin, Louis
Couperin , François
Davies, Peter Maxwell
Deane, Raymond
Debussy, Claude
di Lasso, Orlando
D'India, Sigismondo
Distler, Hugo
Dornel, Louis-Antoine
Duphly, Jacques
Ferguson, Howard
Finnissy, Michael
Finzi, Gerald
Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand
Foccroulle, Bernard
Francoeur, Francois
Fux, Johann Joseph
Gallay, Jacques Francois
Gallay, Jacques-François
Gascoigne, George
Gibbons, Orlando
Gibbs, Cecil Armstrong
Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli,
Graves, Robert
Gunning, Christopher
Hall, Jamie W.
Hallgrimsson, Haflidi
Hallgrímsson, Hafliði
Handel, George Frideric
Handl, Jacobus
Hardy, Thomas
Harris, Matthew
Haydn, Franz Joseph
Heffes, Alex
Holst, Gustav
Howells, Hebert
Hyde, Thomas
Ives, Grayston
Jackson, Gabriel
Jacques Champion de Chambonnières,
Jenkins, John
Keats, John
Keel, Frederick
Kertzinger, Augustinus
Lambardi, Francesco
Laukvik, Jon
Leclair, Jean-Marie
Leighton, Kenneth
Lloyd, Richard
Lotti, Antonio
Mace, Thomas
MacMillan, James
Mancini, Francesco
Marais, Marin
Marianelli, Dario
Martin, Matthew
Matthews, Colin
McCabe, John
McDowall, Cecilia
Mendelssohn, Felix
Montesardo, Girolamo
Monteverdi, Claudio
Moore, Philip
Morley, Thomas
Morricone, Ennio
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Muffat, Georg
Muhly, Nico
Nauwach, Johann
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
Parsons, Robert
Petursson, Hallgrimur
Piccolo, Anthony
Porpora, Nicola
Pott, Francis
Poulenc, Francis
Primi, Giovanni Camillo Di
Purcell, Daniel
Purcell, Henry
Quantz, Johann Joachim
Quasimodo, Salvatore
Quilter, Roger
Rameau, Jean-Philippe
Ravel, Maurice
Rodgers, W.R
Rogg, Lionel
Roux, Gaspard Le
Rozsa, Miklos
Rubbra, Edmund
Scarlatti, Alessandro
Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich
Schubert, Franz
Schutz, Heinrich
Scott, John
Settle, Elkanah
Shakespeare, William
Shaw, Martin
Stanford, Charles Villiers
Storace, Bernardo
Stradella, Alessandro
Swayne, Giles
Tallis, Thomas
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Telemann, Georg Philipp
Tennyson, Alfred
Text, Felix Mass
Tippett, Michael
Toch, Ernst
Tomkins, Thomas
Trabaci, Giovanni Maria
Turnage, Mark Anthony
Velazquez, Fernando
Victoria, Tomas Luis de
Vivaldi, Antonio
Wallfisch, Benjamin
Warlock, Peter
Watts, Isaac
Wedderburn, Robert
Weelkes, Thomas
Williams, John
Williamson, Malcolm
Wood, Charles
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Based in London and launched in the Spring of 2011 by co-directors Adam Binks and Jonathan Manners, Resonus Classics is the world’s first solely digital classical label, which offers high quality classical recordings exclusively through electronic media.

Releasing at least ten recordings a year, the artist-led label boasts a roster of established, acclaimed artists together with more emerging talent and focuses on a wide range of repertoire and genres covering several hundred years of classical music.

The label focuses on high-end artists and appealing, challenging repertoire that aims to satisfy the hardened collector as well as those just beginning their interest in classical music.

Among the early releases will be premiere recordings of works by a broad range of composers including Felix Mendelssohn (the original 1825 version of the Octet Op.20, performed by the Eroica Quartet and friends) and Judith Bingham (a selection of chamber works, performed by Chamber Domaine with acclaimed soprano Yeree Suh). Other plans include a disc of lesser-known organ works by Charles Villiers Stanford performed at Queens’ College, Cambridge by the young organist Tom Winpenny and sixteenth-century French choral works by the vocal quartet The 1607 Ensemble.

A label built for the 21st century.

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49 Albums Found
RE 0129
A short while for dreaming
Choral works by Peter Warlock
RE 0120
Clavierubung, Part III (S. Farr)
RE 0110
In the Dark Tenebrae ANERIO, F.
Christus factus est LOTTI, A.
Crucifixus a 8 (Platinum Consort, Inglis-Kidger)
RE 0119
Organ Music (Winpenny)
RE 0102
Chamber Music (Landscapes, Real and Imagined) (Suh, Chamber Domaine)
RE 0108
Everlasting Crown (The) (Farr)
RE 0121
Cello Recital
Harwood, Richard - TOCH, E. ROZSA, M. MORRICONE, E. WILLIAMS, J. GUNNING, C. (Composing Without the Picture)
RE 0112
Chamber Music (Baroque) - STRADELLA, A. BUXTEHUDE, D. PANDOLFI MEALLI, G.A. SCHMELZER, J.H. (Fantasticus)
RE 0122
Chamber Music (French Baroque) - MARAIS, M. RAMEAU, J.-P. FRANCOEUR, F. LECLAIR, J.-M. (Sonnerie and other portraits) (Fantasticus)
RE 0130
Charles Villers Stanford
Organ Works, Volume 2
RE 0113
Choral Concert
Worcester College Choir - HALLGRIMSSON, H. PICCOLO, A. HYDE, T. TURNAGE, M.A. (This Christmas Night)
RE 0105
Music for Advent and Christmas (Onyx Brass)
RE 0126
Works for harpsichord
RE 0127
Clarion Call
Music for septet & octet
RE 0128
Daniel Purcell
The Judgment of Paris
RE 0107
Chamber Music (Eroica Quartet)
RE 0145
Divine Noise
Theatrical Music for Two Harpsichords
RE 0142
Et in Arcadia ego
Italian Cantatas & Sonatas
RE 0109
String Quartets (By Footpath and Stile) (Finzi Quartet)
RE 0123
Horn Music (Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert)
RE 0114
Solo Works for Horn (Scott)
RE 0117
Choral Music (Schola Cantorum Reykjavik, Askelsson)
RE 0152
J.S. Bach
RE 0147
J.S. Bach
The Cello Suites
RE 0136
Johann Joachim Quantz
Sei Duetti, Op. 2
RE 0139
Journey to Aldeburgh
Young Britten
RE 0134
Kenneth Leighton
Organ Works, Volume 1
RE 0144
Le Poisson Magique
Organ Works by John McCabe
RE 0149
Lennox Berkeley
Chamber Works
RE 0124
LIRA DI ORFEO (LA) - Tribute to Gualberto Magli (Pé, Granata, Miller)
RE 0141
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Shakespeare Sonnets
RE 0101
Octet op. 20 (1825 version)
RE 0125
Music & Sweet Poetry
Choral Music by Matthew Harris
RE 0146
Music of the Realm
Tudor Music for Men's Voices
RE 0138
Nowell sing we
Contemporary Carols, Volume 2
RE 0111
Organ Recital
Farr, Stephen - WATKINS, H. BOELY, A.P.F. ALAIN, J. BINGHAM, J. ALBRIGHT, W. ROGG, L. DISTLER, H. (Jacquet's Ghost)
RE 0131
Pièces de Clavecin, Volume 1
RE 0133
Raymond Deane
RE 0153
Songs of Love, War & Melancholy
Operatic Fantasias by Jacques-François Gallay
RE 0104
Organ Works (Winpenny)