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Achron, Joseph
Alvarez, Javier
Arismendi, Diana
Arnold, Malcolm
Austin, Frederic
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Barnby, Joseph
Bartok, Bela
Bax, Arnold
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Bennett, Sir Richard Rodney
Berg, Alban
Berkeley, Lennox
Bloch, Ernest
Boccherini, Luigi
Boyce, William
Brahms, Johannes
Bridge, Frank
Britten, Benjamin
Bruch, Max
Bruckner, Anton
Bush, Alan
Busoni, Ferruccio
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario
Chabrier, Emmanuel
Chopin, Frederic
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel
Copland, Aaron
Corea, Chick
Debussy, Claude
Delius, Frederick
Dukas, Paul
Dvorak, Antonin
Elgar, Edward
Estevez, Antonio
Falla, Manuel de
Faure, Gabriel
Ferguson, Howard
Finzi, Gerald
Franck, Cesar
Gerhard, Roberto
German, Edward
German Traditional,
Gershwin, George
Gretry, Andre-Ernest-Modeste
Gribbin, Deidre
Grieg, Edvard
Gruber, Franz Xaver
Gurney, Ivor
Handel, George Frideric
Haydn, Franz Joseph
Heuberger, Richard
Howells, Herbert
Hubay, Jeno
Ireland, John
Izarra, Adina
Janacek, Leos
Joubert, John
Kirkpatrick, William J.
Kodaly, Zoltan
Krein, Yasha
Kreisler, Fritz
Leon, Tania
Leon, Argeliers
Liszt, Franz
Lopez-Gavilan, Aldo
Lorenz, Ricardo
Macfarren, George
Maw, Nicholas
Mendelssohn, Arnold
Mendelssohn, Felix
Meyerbeer, Giacomo
Moeran, Ernest John
Mompou, Federico
Monti, Vittorio
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Offenbach, Jacques
Ortiz, Gabriela
Paredes, Hilda
Parry, Charles Hubert H.
Pearsall, Robert Lucas
Perrin, Roland
Ponce, Manuel Maria
Pritchard, Alwynne
Puccini, Giacomo
Quilter, Roger
Ravel, Maurice
Rawsthorne, Alan
Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus von
Richards, Goff
Riu, Elena
Rodrigo, Joaquin
Rossini, Gioachino
Rugeles, Alfredo
Saint-Saens, Camille
Sanders, John
Schoenberg, Arnold
Schubert, Franz
Schumann, Robert
Shearing, George
Sibelius, Jean
Smetana, Bedrich
Somervell, Sir Arthur
Sor, Fernando
Stanford, Charles Villiers
Stravinsky, Igor
Stringfield, Lamar
Sullivan, Arthur
Suppe, Franz von
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Timmermann, L.
Tippett, Michael
Toro, Alonso
Traditional (German),
Tucapsky, Antonin
Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Venables, Ian
Verdi, Giuseppe
Wagner, Richard
Waldteufel, Emil
Walmisley, Thomas
Walton, William
Warlock, Peter
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
Williams, Ralph Vaughan
Wilson, Christian
Wolf, Hugo
Wood, Haydn
Wood, Charles
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Allan, Susan
Ansell, John
Ansermet, Ernest
Ayars, Ann
Baillie, Isobel
Baker, Simon
Ball, Andrew
Bath Camerata,
BBC Chorus,
BBC Concert Orchestra,
BBC Mens Chorus,
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra,
BBC Symphony Chorus,
BBC Symphony Orchestra,
Beatson, Alasdair
Bebbington, Mark
Beecham, Sir Thomas
Beecham, Thomas
Beecham Choral Society,
Bickley, Susan
Bond, Dorothy
Boult, Sir Adrian
Bowman, James
Brannigan, Owen
Bridge Quartet,
Brodsky Quartet,
Brown, Rachel
Butterfield, Adrian
Cachadina, Fernando
Caird, George
Cameron, John
Capilla Clasica Polifonica,
Chadwick, David
Choir of Oxford Orchestra da Camera,
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra,
Civil, Pablo
Civil, Alan
Clarkson, Gustav
Clayton, Allan
Clemmow, Katie
Clifford, Graham
Collyer, Peter
Concertante of London,
Cooper, Gary
Coull, Roger
Cox, Michael
Cragg, Elizabeth
Cummings, Laurence
Curtis, David
Dargaval, Bruce
Darlow, Denys
de los Angeles, Victoria
Delme String Quartet,
Dickie, Murray
Dixon, Christopher
Douse, Stephen
Dussek, Michael
Dyball, Jeffrey
Eastop, Pip
Elysian Singers of London,
Estell, Simon
Evans, Nancy
Falkner, Keith
Finch, Douglas
Finchley Childrens Music Group,
Flagstad, Kirsten
Flynn, Renee
Foulkes, Stephen
Francomb, Peter
Fuest, David
Gallaway, Philip
Georgian, Karine
Gibson, Alexandra
Gombau, Carmen
Gomez, Rosario
Gowers, Katharine
Grandi, Margherita
Greenall, Matthew
Grier, Francis
Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra,
Haley, Olga
Halffter, Ernesto
Halsey, Louis
Henckel, Angela
Henderson, Roy
Henderson, Steven
Higgins, Tom
Hill, Peter
Humby Beecham, Lady Betty
Humphreys, George
Hunt, Colin
Inanga, Glen
Jackson, Nicholas
Jansen, Dorothee
Jarred, Mary
Joshua, Rosemary
Joubert, Anna
Katin, Peter
Kay, Brian
Kempe, Rudolf
Kennard, Robin
Kennedy, Andrew
Labbette, Dora
Lambert, Constant
Langdon, Michael
Lazaridis, George-Emmanuel
Leeds Festival Chorus,
Leonard, Paul
Leonard, Sarah
Lester, Nicholas
Llewellyn, Redvers
London Handel Choir,
London Handel Orchestra,
London Handel Players,
London Handel Singers,
London Philharmonic Choir,
London Philharmonic Orchestra,
London Select Choir,
London Symphony Orchestra,
Lunn, Joanne
Lympany, Maura
Lympany, Moura
Mackie, Neil
Malsbury, Angela
Maltman, Christopher
Manasse, Robert
Manley, Catherine
Marsh, Natasha
Marshall, Lois
Martineau, Malcolm
McCabe, John
McCallum, David
Meikle, Laurence
Mewton-Wood, Noel
Micallef, Jennifer
Mole Valley Handbell Ringers,
Morgan, Fisher
Morison, Elsie
Morvay, Judit
Murray, Barbara
Nash, Heddle
Newman, Gareth
Nichols, Rachel
Noble, Dennis
Ogden, Craig
Orchestra of the Swan,
Orquesta Sinfonica de la Opera de Barcelona,
Osmond, Cecilia
Outram, Rebecca
Owen, Charles
Oxford Orchestra da Camera,
Paya, Emilio
Pecs Chamber Choir,
Perrin, Nigel
Philharmonia Orchestra,
Philharmonic Promenade Orchestra,
Plummer, Paul
Puigsech, Josefina
Purves, Christopher
Raisbec, Rosina
Richards, Peter
Richardson, H. Percy
Riu, Elena
Roberts, Nicholas
Rock, Duncan
Roselli, Eros
Rounseville, Robert
Rowntree, Richard
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
Rozario, Patricia
Sadlers Wells Chorus,
Sharman, Katherine
Sifontes, Wilmer
Simcock, Guy
Simons, Helen
Simorra, Jose
Sinclair, Monica
Smith, Angus
Soames, Rene
Solodchin, Galina
Sterling, Christian
Strafford, Norman
Suisse Romande Orchestra,
Suk, Josef
Symphony Orchestra, Belorussian State
Tello, Pilar
The Albion Ensemble,
The Cheltenham Bach Choir,
The Choir of St Georges, Hanover Square,
The Coull Quartet,
The Sadler's Wells Orchestra,
Tillai, Aurél
Trusler, John
Tulácek, Tomáš
Turullols, Agusgtina
Underwood, John
Vale, Nathan
Veira, Jonathan
Wallen, Errollyn
Watson, Christopher
Webber, Oliver
Williams, Jonathan
Williams, Howard
Williams, Roderick
Williams, Simon
Williamson, Sarah
Wilson, Christina
Wood, Henry
Wynn Davies, Jeffrey
Wyn-Rogers, Catherine
Young, Alexander
Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra,
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Since it was founded in 1995, SOMM Recordings has captured everyone's imagination. Its aim is to share with its public the joy of classical music and the delight of discovering fresh repertoire, performed by artists of talent and scholarship. SOMM receives frequent accolades worldwide from collectors, music lovers, critics and the media for recordings of quality, style and originality. In addition to its championing of British music and an unusual catalogue of choral music and song, SOMM and its artists are now working together to uncover new repertoire in a variety of genres, styles and periods.
The SOMM catalogue consists of three main strands. Our SOMM full-price catalogue comprises mostly first recordings of unusual repertoire. The Céleste Catalogue offers a variety of mid-price CDs - mostly new recordings of instrumental and chamber music, but also a number of reissues and historical recordings never before issued. Also on Céleste at mid-price is our 'New Horizons' series, the aim of which is to provide exceptionally talented young musicians with the opportunity of promoting their careers worldwide in top-quality recordings.
The recordings in the Beecham Collection (to be released shortly) have been lovingly restored and digitally remastered from acetates and 78s by sound engineer Gary Moore. Listening to these finished discs, one becomes aware of what the music making of Sir Thomas Beecham really meant. The Collection consists of previously unreleased studio and live recordings and broadcasts conduced by Sir Thomas with favourite orchestras and artists. Here is also ample proof that whilst remaining one of the greatest supporters of British artists and repertoire, he was also an inspired interpreter of a huge range of music from Handel and Mozart to Sibelius, Richard Strauss and Wagner.
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SO 0213
A Century of English Song - Volume 1
SO 0214
A Century of English Song - Volume 2
SO 0224
A Century of English Song, Volume 3
SO 0062
Arnold Lambert
Piano Music
SO 0077
Harpsishord Concerto Musical Offering Trio Sonata
SO 0090
Six Suites for Solo Cello Sonatas for viola & Harpsichord
SO 0216
Bartok - Choral Music
SO 0242
Concertino Ireland
Piano Concerto
SO 0011
Beecham Collection - Beethoven Mass in D Major, Op.123
SO 0070
Music for Wind Ensemble
SO 0056
Piano Music, Volume 1
SO 0212
Britten - Noye's Fludde - A Ceremony of Carols
SO 0016
Bruckner - Symphony No. 8 in C Minor
SO 0015
The Beecham Collection
SO 0032
Piano Music
SO 0087
Chamber Music by Frank Bridge
SO 0241
Concertos by Ferguson Finzi Austin Rawsthorne
SO 0080
Constant Lambert conducts Ballet Suites
SO 0244
Copland Finzi
Concertos for Clarinet & Orchestra
SO 0059
de Falla
La Vide Breve
SO 0210
Delius - The Complete Part-Songs
SO 0231
String Quartets Nos 14 and 9
SO 0243
Elgar - The Fringes of the Fleet
SO 0069
Symphony No. 1 Bush
Piano Sonata
SO 0220
The Songs
SO 0076
From the First Night of the Proms 1943
SO 0063
Gurney Ireland Venables Finzi
SO 0038
Four unpublished pieces Ferguson
Sonata in F
SO 0240
Handel - Joshua
SO 0068
Complete Sonatas Works for Violin and Continuo
SO 0095
Eight Great Suites for Solo Harpsichord
SO 0238
SO 0055
Flute Concerto Alcina Solomon Semel
SO 0227
SO 0028
Piano Music
SO 0060
Five-Part Consorts
SO 0230
Ode to Music Makers Elgar
The Music Makers
SO 0023
Lambert - The Last Recordings
SO 0065
String Quartet Britten
String Quartet Three Divertimenti
SO 0211
Miracle in Bethlehem - The Choir of St George's