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Allen, Thomas
Ambrosian Singers,
Ashton, Graham
Baillie, Alexander
Barry, Elaine
Bate, Jennifer
Blume, Norbert
Callow, Colin
Campbell, David
Choir of St Catharines College, Cambridge,
Coleman, Ian
Collins, Michael
Constable, John
Cummings, Diana
Davies, Philippa
Davison, Beverley
Del Mar, Norman
Druce, Duncan
Durran, James
Eastman, Julius
Ellis, Osian
English String Quartet,
Evans, Peter
Fenby, Eric
Fenby, Eric
Finley, Gerald
Fowke, Philip
Frith, Benjamin
Furniss, Rosemary
Gomez, Jill
Gruenberg, Joanna
Hacker, Alan
Handley, Vernon
Herrmann, Bernard
Hill, Peter
Hirst, Linda
Holmes, Ralph
Horenstein, Jascha
Ibison, John
Iorio, Luciano
Johnson, Laurie
Jones, Martin
Knowles, Gregory
Koos, Joely
Lang, William
Langridge, Philip
Lawrence, Chris
Lloyd-Webber, Julian
London Sinfonietta,
London Studio Symphony Orchestra,
London Symphony Orchestra,
Lott, Felicity
Manning, Jane
Mason, David
McIlwham, George
Midgely, Vernon
Midgley, Maryetta
Miller, David
Milton Keynes Chamber Orchestra,
Mitchell, Ian
Nash Ensemble,
National Philharmonic Orchestra,
Parkin, Eric
Pearce, Judith
Philharmonia Orchestra,
Pillinger, Edward
Procter, Norma
Pruslin, Stephen
Quinn, Barry
Rees, Owen
Ricci, Ruggiero
Roach, Dave
Rolfe Johnson, Anthony
Royal College of Music Chamber Choir,
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
Saker, Bob
Scottish Chamber Orchestra,
The Choir of St Mary's Music School,
The Fires of London,
The John McCarthy Singers,
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Geoffrey
Walker, Sarah
Wandsworth School Boys Choir,
Ward-Clarke, Jennifer
Wetton, Hilary Davan
Wick, Dennis
Willcocks, Sir David
Williams, Jonathan
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Unicorn Records now Unicorn - Kanchana Records was established in 1968 to make available interesting and often under recorded music and artists in recordings of the highest standards.

Mahler's Third Symphony conducted by Jascha Horenstein, at that time largely ignored by the large record companies, immediately established the company's reputation for quality and won a prestigious Grand Prix du Disque Academie Charles Cros. Pioneer recordings followed of the Symphonies of Nielsen and music by composers as diverse as Samuel Barber, Robert Simpson, Charles Ives and Bernard Herrmann many of which will be made available to down-load. Over the years a very wide and eclectic catalogue has been assembled ranging from the 18th century English school of Samuel Wesley and Cipriani Potter to Oliver Knussen and Peter Maxwell Davies, and Olivier Messiaen, taking in along the way Edvard Grieg, Ralph Vaughan Williams and the music of Frederick Delius conducted by his amanuensis, Eric Fenby

Now, as at the beginning of its life, Unicorn-Kanchana's aim remains the production of interesting music performed by outstanding musicians in high quality recordings
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38 Albums Found
UK 9138
Cabaret Songs and Blues Porter
UK 2017
Cello Encores
UK 9070
A Celebration of Scotland
UK 9052
Miss Donnithorne's Maggot Eight Songs for a Mad King
UK 9065
Church and Organ Music
UK 2040
Herrmann - North by Northwest
UK 2021
Music for Psycho
UK 9046
Hymn to Dionysis Choral Hymns Two Eastern Pictures
UK 2010
Symphonies Nos 2 & 3 Trumpets Ophelia Dances
UK 9162
The Power of Music
UK 2012
Mahler - Symphony No.1
UK 2006
Symphony No. 3
UK 2038
Maxwell Davies - Ave Maris Stella etc
UK 2084
UK 9067
Livre du Saint Sacrement
UK 9024
Meditations on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity Mass for Whitsun
UK 9028
Organ Works
UK 2085
Poemes pour Mi Chants de Terre et de Ciel
UK 9005
The Birth of the Lord The Celestial Banquet
UK 9004
The Bodies in Glory Diptych
UK 2071
The Delius Collection - Vol 1
UK 2072
The Delius Collection - Vol 2
UK 2073
The Delius Collection - Vol 3
UK 2074
The Delius Collection - Vol 4
UK 2075
The Delius Collection - Vol 5
UK 2076
The Delius Collection - Vol 6
UK 2077
The Delius Collection - Vol 7
UK 9122
The Piano Music of Oliver Messiaen
UK 9090
The Piano Music of Olivier Messiaen - Book 7
UK 9062
The Piano Music of Olivier Messiaen - Books 1-3
UK 9075
The Piano Music of Olivier Messiaen - Books 4-6
UK 9078
The Piano Music of Olivier Messiaen - Preludes
UK 9144
The Piano Music of Olivier Messiaen - Visions de L'Amen
UK 2011
The Western Film World of Dimitri Tiomkin
UK 9076
Vaughan Williams
Phantasy Quintet String Quartets Nos 1 and 2
UK 9055
Weill Zemlinsky Schoenberg Satie
Cabaret Classics
UK 9098
Symphonies Nos 3, 4, 5 & 6
UK 2048
Virtuoso Showpieces