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HR 004
Franck - Quintet for Piano and Strings
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Scores auctioned for BBC Children in Need

A number of composers donated their hand-written manuscripts as part of the charity appeal BBC Children in Need. Included among those are the original sketch by James MacMillan for the main theme in his tone poem The Confession of Isobel Gowdie and the hand-written score by Mark-Anthony Turnage for his controversial opera Anna Nicole. They were auctioned on 13 November 2015.

Music fosters empathy in youngsters

According to recently published research, eight- to nine-year-olds who initially scored low in sympathy and helpfulness, developed those qualities at above-average rates if they took group music lessons for a full school year. Among the key instruments was the ukulele. The report concludes that music ‘fosters social cohesion, cooperation, and a pro-social orientation’.

Record price for a bow

A silver-and-ebony-mounted violin bow by François Xavier Tourte has sold at auction for a record-breaking £192,000.

New home for RSNO

Two years ago the Royal Scottish National Orchestra published plans for a new 600-seat auditorium and rehearsal space at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It has now been built and the orchestra has just moved in.

Finchcocks to close

The wonderful museum at Finchcocks, a stately home in Kent which houses one of the world’s finest collections of historic keyboard instruments, is to close. The owners, now in their seventies, want to retire. They will keep a number of instruments but the rest will go to auction. The museum will open for its last day on 31 December 2015.

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New Release Highlights
TR 1581

Performances by the Museaux Trio

The Museaux Trio (Sydney Carlson, flute; Denise Fujikawa, harp; Brian Quincey, viola) is an outgrowth of ...

TR 1545

Suite from The Great Gatsby; Darkbloom; Closer to My Own Life

The Albany Symphony conducted by David Alan Miller ...

KG 0012

1615: Gabrieli in Venice

This recording pays homage to one of the most influential musicians of the Venetian Renaissance from ...

LN 0402

Bruckner: String Quintet and String Quartet – Fitzwilliam String Quartet

This is the first recording to use gut strings (a set was ...

PT 6537

December Celebration

As it unfolds, December holds in its hands many worlds of celebration: Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, ...

SIG 425

Inside Tracks: The Mix Tape – James Rhodes

‘The most fun part of my job is figuring out what to play live. ...

GS 1517

Handel: Duetti e terzetti italiani

Fabio Bonizzoni returns with a further Glossa release dedicated to the chamber vocal output of ...

GM 7421

Fritz Brun: Symphony No. 8 – Bratislava Symphony Orchestra / Adriano

In recent years, the widely acclaimed series of recordings of the ...

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New Release Highlights
CHAN 9671
The Danish National Radio Choir under Stefan Parkman is one of the jewels in Chandos’ crown. It distinguishes...
WH 0001
The performances here are splendid: there’s no doubting the genuine enthusiasm of the applause at the end of each wor...
CHAN 10422
Bryden Thomson and the Ulster Orchestra manage to capture the childlike innocence beautifully....
Classic FM Magazine
UK 9055
Jill Gomez’s unforgettable disc of “Cabaret Classics”. Nobody before her has brought quite such seriousness of purpos...
Gramophone Critics Choice – Alan Blyth
UK 2021
If ever a sound d track recording was needed it was for Psycho. In a word, the disc is invaluable...
High-Fidelity USA
DA 5094W
“A luminous collection, the showpiece is Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal by Paul Mealor... an impressive choral work tha...
Classical Music Sentinel
MS 8523W
There is not a bar ... that is not interesting, enjoyable and satisfying. All in all this is a great ‘retrospective’ ...
John France (Music Web)
DV 7001
“Hail Mary is a spiritual poem cycle. The effect is mesmeric as befits its stated aim as an aid to meditation”...
Northern Echo