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MQ 1327
A compilation traditional and contemporary Christmas music
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Scores auctioned for BBC Children in Need

A number of composers donated their hand-written manuscripts as part of the charity appeal BBC Children in Need. Included among those are the original sketch by James MacMillan for the main theme in his tone poem The Confession of Isobel Gowdie and the hand-written score by Mark-Anthony Turnage for his controversial opera Anna Nicole. They were auctioned on 13 November 2015.

Music fosters empathy in youngsters

According to recently published research, eight- to nine-year-olds who initially scored low in sympathy and helpfulness, developed those qualities at above-average rates if they took group music lessons for a full school year. Among the key instruments was the ukulele. The report concludes that music ‘fosters social cohesion, cooperation, and a pro-social orientation’.

Record price for a bow

A silver-and-ebony-mounted violin bow by François Xavier Tourte has sold at auction for a record-breaking £192,000.

New home for RSNO

Two years ago the Royal Scottish National Orchestra published plans for a new 600-seat auditorium and rehearsal space at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It has now been built and the orchestra has just moved in.

Finchcocks to close

The wonderful museum at Finchcocks, a stately home in Kent which houses one of the world’s finest collections of historic keyboard instruments, is to close. The owners, now in their seventies, want to retire. They will keep a number of instruments but the rest will go to auction. The museum will open for its last day on 31 December 2015.

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New Release Highlights
BI 2190

Pettersson: Symphony No. 13

Beginning his first (never completed) symphony in 1951 and working on his Seventeenth when he died in 1980, ...

DK 0636

Bruhns and Scheidemann: Organ Works

This recording features a collection of magnificent pieces from one of the golden ages of organ music, ...

NA 9788

Bolcom: Canciones de Lorca; Prometheus (Live)

Winner of a Pulitzer Prize and multiple Grammy awards, William Bolcom is one ...

CX 7819

Carl Orff: Gisei

In 1913, when he was only eighteen years old, Carl Orff finished his first opera, Gisei. This tragic ...

AJ 0168

Bach: Concerts avec plusieurs instruments, Vol. V

Bach’s suites and concertos have long been part of concert repertoires. It ...

NU 6036

Tom Cipullo: After Life

Lori Laitman’s In Sleep the World Is Yours, is a song cycle based on the poetry of Selma ...

NA 9817

Roberto Sierra: Sinfonia No. 3 / Boriken / El Baile / Beyond the Silence of Sorrow

The sonic colour and distinctive ...

NX 3263

Granados: Suite sobre cantos gallegos

Although he is best known as the composer of some of the greatest masterpieces of Spanish ...

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New Release Highlights
CHAN 9243
‘Hickox and the London Symphony Orchestra give the impression that this is the greatest of all British film...
SIG 081
(Diana Ambache's)'piano playing is exemplary, both technically and musically; her interpretations are soulful or deli...
BBC Radio 3
CHAN 10449
A final choice must remain marginal, but anyone who wants a new-minted version of one of the most magical of all oper...
Gramophone Editor’s Choice
UK 9090’s jaw drops at Peter Hill’s prodigies of agile dexterity... one of the great moments in all Messiaen, the rapt...
SIG 111
Fiddlesticks is a collaboration between two of Britain’s most liveliest musical forces. One is the indefatigably adve...
The Times
MS 8523W
There is not a bar ... that is not interesting, enjoyable and satisfying. All in all this is a great ‘retrospective’ ...
John France (Music Web)
DV 7002
“fascinating.. the singing is excellent.. the acoustic and engineering first class. .overall a disc worth buying for...
Choir and Organ
DA 5099W
A lovely disc which may prove revelatory to some. I found it very rewarding... recommended.”...
Peter Grahame Woolf (Musical Pointers)