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DN 0732

DELIUS, F.: Koanga / Appalachia: Variations / Sea Drift (Aarhus Cathedral Choir, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra Choir and Orchestra, Holten)
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Danacord was founded in 1979 by Denmark’s “man about CDs,” Jesper Buhl. The label was inspired by Buhl’s frustration with the record companies and his passion for rare, unrecorded works of music which are the primary focus of this Copenhagen-based company. Danacord has championed the music of several Danish composers, including Rued Langaard and Carl Nielsen, in addition to many other Scandinavian composers. As well, the label has devoted entire series of recordings to world-class Danish artists such as tenor Aksel Schiotz, cellist Erling Bløndal Bengtsson, violinist Kai Laursen. The Danacord catalogue currently consists of more than 180 releases and includes a wide range of classical from all genres. Aside from the Danish music and Danish artists, the catalogue also represents rarities and famous international performers.

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DN 0417
Symphony / Radio Rhapsody (Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic, Stupel)

Definitive Recordings

"You might be surprised to find an obscure composer within the DE...

DN 0567
Composer and Pianist, Vol. 4

 "...A large number of the songs here were written for, and are performed by, the composer’s daughter...

DN 0592
5 Songs from the Norwegian / The Song of the High Hills / Eventyr

 "...In this recording Bo Holten and his excellent Danish ensemble give us a penetrating portrait of the Fr...

DN 0682
Orchestral Music - KUHLAU, F. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / LISZT, F. / JOACHIM, J. / MACDOWELL, E. (Music Inspired by Shakespeare and Hamlet) (Ziva)

"...this unusual selection has been well put together. It’s worth a listen."

DN 0706
Organ Music, Vol. 15 (Tillmanns)

"...I can recommend this CD. Not only are the performances very good, the front cover is graced by an attractive...

DN 0709
Piano Music - BACH, C.P.E. / HELLER, S. / WAGNER, R. / BUSONI, F. / PASTERNAK, B. (Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss Vor Husum, 2010 Festival)

"...All in all, this is a very stimulating and enjoyable release, with performances of the highest quality explo...

DN 0721
Songs of Sunset / 3 Songs / North Country Sketches / A Late Lark (English Masterworks) (Bonde-Hansen, Reuter, Aarhus Symphony, Holten)

 "dedicated Delian Bo Holten continues his impressive series of recordings with this one devoted to setting...

DN 0726
Organ Music / Motets / Requiem (Complete) (Krogsoe, Seyer-Hansen)

 "...Kristian Krosgøe’s performances are invariably sensitive and stylish. He has captured the...