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DX 1156

Odyssey Of Love - Liszt and His Women
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Deux-Elles is a UK independent classical record label, recording and marketing a select catalogue of high-quality music on CD, specializing in contemporary and early music.

Deux-Elles aims to produce recordings of distinction by bringing together its technical expertise with musical talent. Our catalogue, which features many premiere recordings, can both challenge the listener and also reward them with the beauty of the music.

The Early Music collection includes a wide variety of works - choral, vocal and instrumental and presents some of the top musicians in the UK who are equally outstanding in musical technique, performance and academic scholarship.

Our catalogue of late 19th and early 20th Century, contemporary and new music is constantly growing and contains a wealth of fine recordings. Composers have presented their audiences with many challenging as well as beautiful works and we have developed links with some of the most respected musicians working in this field so as to develop our catalogue substantially.

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DX 1143
Keyboard music of Antoine Selosse

 "...Charleston plays on harpsichord, clavichord, and organ of St Botolph’s Aldgate in London... The ...

DX 1145
Chamber music for two violins, viola, cello double bass, clarinet, bassoon and horn

"...There is ... no questioning the clean playing or warmth of tone. This group is truly excellent... Simply bec...

DX 1144
Chamber music for recorder ensemble that chronicles the life of Mary Queen of Scots

"A beautifully poised and deliciously played musical biography of Mary Stuart."

David Fallows -

DX 1146
Guitar music from the 18th Century

"This is Japanese Baroque specialist Taro Takeuchi’s second solo CD for the British independent Deux-Elles...

DX 1148
Choral Music

"Seventeen short choral pieces by English composer Stephen Wilkinson, expertly performed by a choir of 21 singer...

DX 1147
Buxtehude and Bach

"...if you decide to purchase it you won’t regret it."
Johan van Veen - ...

DX 1162
Beethoven Piano Sonatas

 "The second volume of Roscoe’s effort to record the entire Beethoven  sonata cycle is refreshin...

DX 1163
Beethoven Piano Sonatas

"...Recommended for those who collect good versions of the Beethoven sonataas, no matter how many others you own...