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OD 1268

Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp. 10, 53 "Waldstein", 54 & 57 "Appassionata"
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The roots of Ondine date back to 1985 when founder Reijo Kiilunen released the very first Ondine album under the auspices of the renowned Finnish Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival. The label's initial mission was to produce one live album at the Festival each season. The fourth album, however, featured Einojuhani Rautavaara's opera Thomas, raising major international attention and opening the ground for overseas distribution. Kiilunen, who was running the Festival's concert agency and had begun the recording activity part-time, soon decided to devote himself fully to the development of this new business, producing and editing the first 50 releases himself.

Over the years, Ondine has established itself as one of the most respected labels in classical music, and its products have received numerous prizes at the Cannes (MIDEM) Classical Awards, the Gramophone Awards, the BBC Music Magazine Awards and the Classical Internet Awards. In a larger context, Ondine's history of success has played a part in the strong development of Finland's cultural visibility internationally, which has gone hand in hand with the economic and technological rise of the country since the mid-1990s. The label of origin "Made in Finland" is today widely recognized as a guaranty of exceptional quality and reliability and Ondine is proud to have shared in the forging of this reputation.

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OD 0710
Piano Music - The Fiddlers / Icons / Piano Sonata No. 1 / Etudes (Tateno)

"The rendition by Japanese pianist Izumi Tateno is of a rare perfection."

Pierre-E. Barbier -

OD 0724
Piano Music (Tateno)

"...Izumi Tateno’s playing is technically brilliant, and the piano sound is superb..."


OD 0725
Winterreise (Hynninen, Gothoni)

 "Hynninen is content to smolder like a volcano that’s not going to erupt... Frühlingstraum is a...

OD 0729
Piano Sonatas Nos. 1-3 / Visions Fugitives (Raekallio)

"This is one of the most faithful piano recordings I’ve heard for years."

Arved Ashby -

OD 0731
Opera Arias (Baritone) - Hynninen, Jorma

"Hynninen shows a fine idiomatic grasp of the Italian arias offered here, a nice blend of stylistic tradition, h...

OD 0740
Symphonies Nos. 1-3 (Leipzig Radio Symphony, Pommer)

"Yet another unavoidable acquisition for all collectors of twentieth-century music is at hand."


OD 0747
Cantus arcticus / Symphonies Nos. 4 and 5 (Leipzig Radio Symphony, Pommer)

"Few contemporary symphonic composers deserve as high acclaim as Einojuhani Rautavaara. (...) Not since the Sall...

OD 0760
Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in D minor / BRUCH, M.
8 Pieces (Kriikku)

"These readings are committed and sensitive."
Henry Fogel - Fanfare Magazine - November/ Dece...