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DY 7699

BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations (arr. M. Salcito for guitar)
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Dynamic is an independent recording company with its offices in Villa Quartana on the quiet Righi hill standing above Genoa.

Its production embraces the entire field of classical music, but focuses chiefly on the immense heritage of Italian and European music of the eighteenth- and nineteenth centuries especially opera and violin works. Dynamic favours compositions in world-première recordings or works that stand outside the bounds of traditional repertoire.

Known all over the world as the first recording company to have reappraised Nicolò Paganini, in the last few years Dynamic has extended its range of interest to opera through highly fruitful partnerships with Italian festivals and opera houses, and has produced recordings of lesser-known titles by Verdi, Donizetti, Pacini, Massenet, Meyerbeer and Tchaikovsky. Outstanding productions in this field include the recordings of operas staged at the famous La Fenice theatre in Venice, at the Valle d’Itria Festival in Martina Franca and at the Teatro Lirico in Cagliari.

Dynamic is today the leading Italian recording company for classical music and has also become one of the foremost European producers of operatic DVDs.

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DY 0213
6 Concerti Grossi (Banchetto Musicale, Il Piacere)

"...this disc offers good entertainment and is well worth listening to, because of the quality of the music and ...

DY 0579
Don Gregorio [Opera] (Montanari)

 "...As the opening sinfonia will immediately reveal, this is a jolly comedy. Merry tunes and high (or low)...

DY 0580
Burbero di buon cuore (Il) [Opera] (Rousset)

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DY 0663
Giasone (Il) [Opera] (Sardelli)

"... A dramatic and engaging live event"

Robert Hugill  - -...

DY 0674
Semiramide [Opera] (Zedda)


DY 0686
Rosmira fedele (La) (Florio)

DY 0708
Guitar Music (Fantoni)

"...All three works on this bountiful CD, from the minute Presto Mormorando to the massive 22 Tarots brim with i...

DY 0709
Orchestral Music (Portuguese) - AVONDANO / ALMEIDA, F.A. de (Musica Antica) (Onofri)

"...All the performers play well, and Erico Onofri has made some very astute interpretive decisions that greatly...