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LR 1097

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Roger Sherman founded Loft Recordings, based in Seattle, in August 1998. Its mission is to maintain enthusiasm for classical music, particularly for organs and choirs. The recordings focus on early music – particularly keyboard and vocal works – and are produced using state-of-the-art technology. In addition to publishing CDs Loft Recordings produces a weekly radio program: The Organ Loft.

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LR 1005
Viaticum, a Journey of the Mind, Body, and Soul (Bates)

"Here is a remarkable concert of organ music of the 20th century, in which not a single work suffers from the fa...

LR 1008
Organ Duo Recital
Bates, Robert / Yearsley, David - BUXTEHUDE, D. / SCHEIDT, S. / SCHEIDEMANN, H. / REINCKEN, J.A. (In Dialogue, Vol. 1)

"...wonderfully lively performances... It’s sufficiently different to charm the organ enthusiast, and brig...

LR 1011
Vocal Recital
Contzius, Erik L.F. - LEWANDOWSKI, L. / BIRNBAUM, E. / ADLER, H. / WEINER, L. / MYEROV, J. / HELFMAN, M. (How Excellent Is Thy Name)

 "Now highly regarded as a cantor, Contzius is accompanied by Kimberly Marshall, a well-established interna...

LR 1014
Symphonie gothique / Symphonie romane (Fuller)

"David Fuller is a distinguished scholar of the French baroque but here shows himself a master and intimate devo...

LR 1015
Organ Sonata No. 8 / FULLER, D.
Meistersinger-Triptych (after Wagner) (Fuller)

"...While I don’t especially like organ transcriptions, these are uniformly well done, without any cute ne...

LR 1021
Organ Recital
Marshall, Kimberly - ANDREE, E. / PRICE, F. / SMYTH, E. / SANDRESKY, M.V. / MENDELSSOHN-HENSEL, F. (Divine Euterpe)

"Repackaged, and with a much more punchy title, this album bursts its way back onto the market with all the aplo...

LR 1025
Organ Music (One of a Kind) (Porter)

              Recording of the Month

LR 1027
Organ Recital
Adam, Joseph - MENDELSSOHN, Felix / REGER, M. / GADE, N. / KARG-ELERT, S. / LISZT, F. (Melodia
German Romantic Works for Organ)

“Joseph Adam is an organist who is capable of virtually anything. His technique is sterling, and he knows how t...