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EU 2573

The Art of the Finnish Kantele
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ARC Music offers the largest selection of World and Ethnic Music from all corners of the world. The catalogue covers a wide selection of music including Kantele music from Finland, music of the North American Indians, Didgeridoo music from Australia, Punjabi Pop or Bhangra from India, Chinese Dulcimer, Japanese Koto, Middle Eastern percussion, music from Tahiti and much more.

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EU 1786
IRAN Dastan Trio
Journey to Persia

“ ...the Dastan Ensemble found an elegance and rhythmic swing that made the music levitate. The music had trans...

EU 1791
IRELAND Aryeh Frankfurter
The Morning Dew -Celtic Harp

“Without doubt... [some] of the finest Celtic harp I’ve ever heard. Aryeh... captures a feeling of w...

EU 1920
CUBA Sergio Alvarez
Cuba, Cuba! - The Most Popular Songs

Sergio Alvarez and band present traditional Cuban songs, accompanied on guitars, trumpets, percussion, tiple (12-stri...

EU 1937
IRAQ TAhmed Mukhtar
he Road to Baghdad - New Maqams from Iraq

“Ahmed Mukhtar… relays the Iraqi musical heritage in all its scope…. He is the first to present t...

EU 1959
GEORGIA Ensemble Kereoni
Traditional Songs from Georgia

The name of the ensemble Kereoni refers to a traditional candle used in the Orthodox Church, symbolising the harmoniz...

EU 2058
African Kora

"… should be of great interest to those of you with a liking for new timbres. Highly recommended." -...

EU 2122
KLEZMER Sandanski's Chicken

“…exhilarating eastern European folk music, from Greek to Balkan and Turkish, Polish, Romanian and Ukra...

EU 2429

"Tango Siempre can do passion, drama, melancholy beauty and sentimentality... they play with a fiery spirit th...