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AZ 1297

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Azica takes a fresh look at defining musical excellence in classical and jazz compact discs. Driven by an unswerving desire for accuracy in every detail, Azica cross-fertilizes traditional classical and jazz recording techniques to mold a distinctive, new profile that heightens honesty and integrity in the finished product. Azica truly captures an aural snapshot of the performance, and invites the listener to take a discerning look.

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AZ 1278
Piano Sonata No. 18 / SCHUMANN, R.
Piano Sonata No. 2 (Diary in G) (Weiyin Chen)

"Chen’s eloquent debut is a promising beginning. Choosing a sober, more contemplative vein rather than fla...

AZ 1280
String Quartet Works (Complete) - Fellow Traveler / John's Book of Alleged Dances / String Quartet (Attacca Quartet)

"Adams writes compellingly for the string quartet medium, and he gets fine advocacy from the Attaca Quartet......
AZ 1279
8 Piano Pieces, Op. 76 / 7 Fantasien, Op. 116 / 3 Intermezzos, Op. 117 (Longworth)

"... When it comes to Brahms’s solo piano pieces, in Peter Longworth I think I’ve found my Beshert (...

AZ 1281
Harp Recital
Kondonassis, Yolanda - WILLIAMS, J. / LASH, H. / LIEBERMANN, L. / PAULUS, S. / DELLO JOIO, N. / CAGE, J. / CARTER, E. (American Harp)

 "... Kondonassis’s consummate virtuosity and musicianship - and the superb engineering -  make ...

AZ 1285
Guitar Recital
Beirs, Benjamin - PASIECZNY, M. / BEIRS, B. / REICH, S. / DYENS, R. (Widening Circles)

 "...He [Beirs] has a beautiful sound, an excellent technical command and seems incapable of overplaying......

AZ 1286
String Quartets - BARRICK, K. / BEGAYE, M. (The Chicksaw Nation Young Composers Recording Project) (Linden String Quartet)

"...These are all short pieces for string quartet, but they are all expressive in nature and beautifully perform...