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CM 6303

Dieupart: Chamber Music
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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a creative German record label for Early Music, Improvised Music and stylistic border walks. Carpe Diem was founded in 2008 by the balance engineers Jonas Niederstadt and Johannes Wallbrecher. With every recording the label stands for exceptional artistic accomplishment, the highest audiophile quality of record and inherently consistent and individualistic conception of music and sound while valuing contemporary graphic design of the record covers. It is the aim of Carpe Diem to present music in new, unheard of and unique context, and to show that vibrant music is always contemporary, always meaningful. In this sense you will find among the artists at Carpe Diem renowned stars at once with young talents yet to be discovered.

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CM 6262
Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Romance, Op. 28 (L'horizon Fantastique) (Daskalakis, Ishay)

"Ariadne Daskalakis and Roglit Ishay present a wonderfully unified performance, with the high-tensile thread of ...

CM 6276
Vihuela and 10 Music (16th Century) - PISADOR, D. / MUDARRA, A. / WILLAERT, A. / FUENLLANA, M. de (Si me llaman) (El Cortesano)

"...There can’t be a more moving song in the whole repertoire than "si la noche haze oscura" and...

CM 6278
Guitar Music (Une larme) (Conte)

"Baroque guitar performers seem to come in two varieties: exciting and improvisational or elegant and refined. C...

CM 6279
10 Music (16th-17th Centuries) - ORTIZ, D. / CABEZON, A. de / ATTAINGNANT, P. / VALDERRABANO, E. de (Yr A Oydo) (More Hispano)

"Whereas for most period-instrument bands improvisation means judiciously adding ornaments, Mr. Parilla and comp...

CM 6280
Chamber Music (Baroque) - PANDOLFI MEALLI, G.A. / FROBERGER, J.J. (Style fantastique) (Bellocq, Le Concert Brise)

"...On this live recording, Dongois, harpsichordist Carsten Lohff, and lutenist Éric Bellocq are featured...

CM 6281
Harpsichord Works (Fortune My Foe) (Rotaru)

"I have no hesitation in recommending the present Carpe Diem CD as the ideal pl...

CM 6282
Renaissance Music - BENNET, J. / RAVENSCROFT, T. / PLAYFORD, J. / JOHNSON, J. / FARRANT, R. (Nymphidia
The Court of Faerie) (Pantagruel)

"Pantagruel, founded in Essen, Germany, in 2002, is made up of three early music specialists who also have backg...

CM 6284
EYCK, J. van
Recorder Works (Engels Liedt) (Stempfel)

"...A different recorder is used for almost every piece on this program, and it is indeed a study in sound. But ...