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CX 7832

HOFFMANN, E.T.A.: Mass, AV 18 / Miserere, AV 42 (Rubens, Martin, Cooley, Cologne West German Radio Chorus and Orchestra, Huber)
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CPO, an internationally acclaimed German label, has been successful since its founding in 1986 in enthusiastically filling the niches that larger companies in the industry have sometimes overlooked. That there is so much repertoire remaining to be explored is proven by CPO’s highly praised editions of Pfitzner, Korngold, Hindemith and Pettersen.

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CX 7102
Symphonic Music, Vol. 6 - Fruhling / Symphony No. 6 (Basel Symphony, Letonja)

"...This performance is committed and superbly recorded, with gorgeous surround sound effects....  much o...
CX 7103
Symphony No. 7 (Basel Symphony, Letonja)

 "... We may now hear for ourselves all of Weingartner’s symphonies in performances and sound quality...

CX 7211
Die Geburt Christi (The Birth of Christ)

"The choirs are wonderful and conductor Christian Grube masterfully manages them and his excellent orchestral ...
CX 7234
Cello Concertos (Complete) (Horsch, Netherlands Symphony, Porcelijn)

"...Soloist  Gregor Horsch, who has been principal cello in the Concertgebouw orchestra, does a bang-up job...

CX 7242
Violin Concertos (Complete), Vol. 4 (Wallfisch)

 "..these performances by Korstick, Francis and the NDR Radio Philharmonic strike me as ideal. CPO’s ...

CX 7261
Weine, nicht, siehe / Sie verachten das Gesetz / Gott Zebaoth, in deinem Namen (Three Cantatas) (Max)

 "...The soloists, so many of them familiar collaborators with max, are all excellent; and the conductors&r...

CX 7310
Symphonies Nos. 5, "Der Schnitter Tod", 6, "Rijck God, wie sal ic claghen" and 19, "B.A.C.H" (Porcelijn)

"... these symphonies are melodious, stylistically colourful, conservatively dramatic, elegantly unpretentious...
CX 7345
Organ Music (Complete Magnificat and other Works for Organ) (Flamme)

"... Friedhelm Flamme is an excellent advocate, who is clearly as much at home with this organ as he is with m...