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PN 0319

Veneziano: In officio defunctorum
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Pan Classics is a Swiss classical music record label. It was founded in 1992 by Pan Music of Zurich.[1] In 1997 the classical label was acquired by the recording engineers Clément Spiess and Koichiro Hattori, and relocated to Vevey, on Lake Geneva[2] The Pan Classics engineering team is known as Sound Arts.[3] Since 2011 the label has been reissuing some of the back catalogue of Symphonia (record label) with new artwork.

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PN 0175
Choral Music (European William Byrd Ensemble, O'Reilly)

Graham O’Reilly’s helpful notes justify convincingly the one-to-a-part performance of this selection of C...

PN 0236
Cain and Abel [Opera] (Marchi)

 "... Recommended primrily to those with an interest in erly Italian Baroqu oratorio ..."


PN 0239
Vocal Music - Insiraf (Arab-Andalusian Music from the 13th Century) (Albarello, Cantilena Antiqua)

 " PN 0268

Violin Sonatas, Op. 1, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 (Nikitassova, Amrein, Botticher)

"...The Bulgarian violinist is a genuinely virtuosic player, but she also understands how to phrase musically th...

PN 0275
Primitiae Chelicae
Viola da Gamba Suites Nos. 1-6 (Balestracci, Dal Maso, Bonavita, Roschietti)

 "... All of the players are excellent, and belestraci plays these demanding suites with polish and emotion...

PN 0276
Guerra de los Gigantes (La) [Opera] (Goncalves)

"...It is delightfully engaging, ear-catching and foot-tapping-inspireing. There is lots of Spanish color not ju...

PN 0278
Baroque Violin and Harpsichord Recital
Schayegh, Leila / Halubek, Jorg - GUILLEMAIN, L.-G. / CARDONNE, J.-B. / DUPHLY, J. (Leclair and his Rivals)

"... Schayegh’...

PN 0279
Viola da Gamba Suites Nos. 1, 2 and 3 / BLAINVILLE, C.H. de
6 Sonatas, Book, 1 (Eckert, Hamburg Ratsmusik Ensemble)

 "... Eckert’s performances are sensitive to the French style and she is ably supported by her collea...