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ST 0037

Chaminade: The Flatterer
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The record label Steinway & Sons has produced the album Bach on a Steinway and aims to expand its catalogue by continuing to produce fresh releases from distinguished Steinway artists of the past and present.

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ST 0011
LIN, Jenny
Get Happy

"... Steinway has provided a superbly voiced instrument and the sound recording is demonstration-class. Even the...

ST 0012
Kunst der Fuge (Die) (The Art of Fugue), BWV 1080 (Rangell)

                        Interpretation ****  ...

ST 0015
Piano Recital
Pompa-Baldi, Antonio - POULENC, F. / MONNOT, M. / LOUIGUY / BERNHEIM, A. (The Rascal and the Sparrow
Poulenc meets Piaf)

 "... Poulen’s songs are new and interesting. ... There are no truly comparable recordings for Th...

ST 0017
Piano Recital
Biegel, Jeffrey - MOSZKOWSKI, M. / SCHUTT, E. / HENSELT, A. / CUI, C. / SGAMBATI, G. / RUBINSTEIN, A. (A Grand Romance)

 "...This is an exquisie recording."

Raymond Beegle - Fanfare - November/ December 2013...

ST 0018
Piano Recital
Rangell, Andrew - BARTOK, B. / JANACEK, L. / KODALY, Z. (A Folksong Runs Through It)

"Andrew Rangell’s new recording of music by Janacek, Bartok, and Kodaly brings together a program of folk-...

ST 0019
Keyboard Works (Basically Bull) (Feinberg)

"... this is a winner of a release."

Barry Brenesal - Fanfare - November/ Deceber 2013

ST 0022
Piano Duo Recital
Anderson and Roe - BUSONI, F. / MOZART, W.A. / ANDERSON, G. / ROE, E.J. / LISZT, F. (An Amadeus Affair) (Anderson and Roe)

"A totally delightful combination of bubbly Mozart brilliantly adapted by a group known under the vaudevillian-s...

ST 0023
Piano Recital
Conti, Mirian - PIGNONI, R. / ALBANO, E. / TROILO, A. / GUASTAVINO, C. (Panorama Argentino, Vol. 1)

 "Why are the composers of these vividly played pieces not better known? Contis patriotic crusade is openin...