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RF 0711

Woman at the New Piano: American Music of 2013
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Reference Recordings CD

Reference Recordings was started in 1976 by Grammy-nominated producer Tam Henderson, who continues to guide our artist and repertoire decisions. He believes that how a recording sounds is as important as the music itself. Our goal is to make your listening experience “The Best Seat in the House.” We offer recordings from many of the finest classical, jazz and world music artists. They have been acclaimed by critics worldwide and are loved by audiophiles. All of our musical offerings are recorded by Grammy-winning chief engineer and Technical Director Prof. Keith O. Johnson. Keith is a true audio legend, having designed and patented many innovative products in both professional and consumer audio fields. Keith uses recording equipment all hand-built or extensively modified by him to recreate the sound of real musicians making music in real space.

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RF 0009
Chamber Music - THUNES, D. / BENSHOOF, K. / GEIST, J. / DORSEY, A. / BEYER, H. / KECHLEY, D. / WHITNEY, J. (In Formation) (Kronos Quartet)

"Highly recommended." 

RF 0011
Symphonie fantastique (Kojian)

 "Musically and sonically, this is one of the very best recordings you can buy." 

RF 0015
Church Windows / Poema autunnale (Ricci, Clark)

 "The best symphonic recording I have heard, bar none...a stupendous recording of a probably-definitive per...

RF 0021
Choral Concert
San Francisco Choral Artists - GRUBER, F.X. / RUTTER, J. / HOPKINS, JR. J.H. / BURT. A. / SCHUTZ, H. (Star of Wonder)

"...Magical...the sound is impressively transparent." 
RF 0022
Outdoor Overture (A) / Appalachian Spring / Poems of Emily Dickinson (Clark)

"The Hi-Fi buff’s dream." 
Classic CD...
RF 0038

 "Exceptional in dynamic range, transient response...

RF 0039
Hammersmith / Suites Nos. 1 and 2 / A Moorside Suite (Dallas Wind Symphony, Dunn)

"Highly recommended." 

RF 0040
Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115 / WEBER, C.M. von
Clarinet Quintet in B flat major, Op. 34 (Daniels, Composers Quartet)