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KD 0288

Derek Charke: Tundra Songs
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The award-winning Centrediscs recording label was begun in 1981, and since then has become Canada's foremost label releasing music by Canadian contemporary concert composers who are associated with the Canadian Music Centre. Over 150 separate titles have been released since the label's birth, and over 80,000 records have been distributed world-wide. Unique among recording labels in Canada because it features only works by Canadian composers, Centrediscs has been acclaimed as an outstanding enterprise.

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KD 0149
Shadow Box / LORRAIN, D.
The Other Shape / LAKE, L.
Psalm / CHAN, K.N.
The Everlasting Voices / TROCHU, P.

"All of these composers are young Canadians, and they produce some colorful and moving music."
KD 0150
Souvenirs from Childhood / Sonnets from the Portuguese / The Weaver / God Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Kolomyjec, DuBois, Pedrotti)

"In short, the most beautiful recording of Canadian vocal music in many a year."
KD 0153
No Mean City / Music for a Young Prince / Cantiones mysticae / Ballade / La prima ballerina (Feldbrill)

"The intent is clearly to entertain and communicate, an effort that is clearly successful in this well crafted...
KD 0175
Piano Recital
Pritchard, Barbara – HATCH, P. / SMITH, L.C. / GENGE, A. / FELDMAN, B.M. / ROLFE, J. / REA, J. (The View from Here)

"Many of these pieces were commissioned by or written for Pritchard, who playes them with admirable restraint ...
KD 0176
Vocal Recital
Vickers, Jon - (Canadian Art Songs)

 "Both for the music, which is all good to terrific, and for its significanc...

KD 0177
Idee / Dialogues / Depart / Versegeres / Slano / Nuit (Aitken, Lupien, Pelletier, Accordes String Quartet)

 "For Jean Papineau-Couture, having both Robert Aitken and Louis-Philippe Pe...

KD 0179
String Quartet No. 2 / GLICK, S.I.
String Quartet No. 1 (Canadian String Quartets) (Orford String Quartet, Purcell String Quartet)

"Taken from CBC recordings made available in the early ’80s but never available until now, three outstan...
KD 0185
Global hystericus / Theme and Variations / Procession burlesque / Midnight with the Stars and You (Thompson)

 "...This portrait of 2001 Jules Léger winner Chris Paul Harman is one to treasure."  ...