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CE 3424

A Lovely Light
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KD 0149
Shadow Box / LORRAIN, D.
The Other Shape / LAKE, L.
Psalm / CHAN, K.N.
The Everlasting Voices / TROCHU, P.

"All of these composers are young Canadians, and they produce some colorful and moving music."
KD 0150
Souvenirs from Childhood / Sonnets from the Portuguese / The Weaver / God Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Kolomyjec, DuBois, Pedrotti)

"In short, the most beautiful recording of Canadian vocal music in many a year."
KD 0153
No Mean City / Music for a Young Prince / Cantiones mysticae / Ballade / La prima ballerina (Feldbrill)

"The intent is clearly to entertain and communicate, an effort that is clearly successful in this well crafted...
KD 0175
Piano Recital
Pritchard, Barbara – HATCH, P. / SMITH, L.C. / GENGE, A. / FELDMAN, B.M. / ROLFE, J. / REA, J. (The View from Here)

"Many of these pieces were commissioned by or written for Pritchard, who playes them with admirable restraint ...
KD 0176
Vocal Recital
Vickers, Jon - (Canadian Art Songs)

 "Both for the music, which is all good to terrific, and for its significanc...

KD 0177
Idee / Dialogues / Depart / Versegeres / Slano / Nuit (Aitken, Lupien, Pelletier, Accordes String Quartet)

 "For Jean Papineau-Couture, having both Robert Aitken and Louis-Philippe Pe...

KD 0179
String Quartet No. 2 / GLICK, S.I.
String Quartet No. 1 (Canadian String Quartets) (Orford String Quartet, Purcell String Quartet)

"Taken from CBC recordings made available in the early ’80s but never available until now, three outstan...
KD 0185
Global hystericus / Theme and Variations / Procession burlesque / Midnight with the Stars and You (Thompson)

 "...This portrait of 2001 Jules Léger winner Chris Paul Harman is one to treasure."  ...