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AV 2352

Western Wind - Mass by John Taverner & Court Music for Henry VIII
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Avie Records is about artists. All of the artists who record for Avie own their recordings and the copyright in their recordings.
Avie Records is about quality. Avie recordings boast the finest artists, outstanding production values and superlative packaging.
Avie Records combines the best of the classical industry's traditions with the needs of today's artists.
Avie Records was launched in 2002 by industry veterans Simon Foster and Melanne Mueller. With a combined experience of over 35 years in both the major label and independent sectors, Foster and Mueller identified a gap in the record business which inspired the creation of Avie. As the majors have downsized their recording programmes, a rapidly growing culture has developed of artists who are no longer able to obtain new recording contracts or replace lost ones. Moreover, many artists have been frustrated by their lack of control over their recording careers, an endeavour which for them is an investment in heart and soul. Several decide to take control of the direction of their recording careers and start their own labels. They then discover the difficulty in wielding marketing strength and securing decent international distribution due to relatively low output.

Avie provides the answers to the issues these artists face by operating on an entirely new business model, turning the traditional musician / record company relationship on its head. Avie operates the label for and on behalf of the musicians who retain ownership of their recordings, acting as an umbrella for a number of musical organisations and individual artists. By so doing Avie creates a considerable scale of operation which ensures strong marketing, significant media interest and worldwide distribution.

Contact Information

+44 (0)20 8542 4866
+44 (0)20 8542 4854

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AV 0001
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Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book
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American Flute Music - Jeffrey Khaner
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Cancionero - The Dufay Collective
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The Girl In My Alphabet
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Bach - The Concerto Album - Lara St John
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Trails of Creativity - Music from between the wars