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CO 6130

Gorczycki - The Sixteen & Eamonn Dougan
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CORO is the enterprising record label of The Sixteen and Harry Christophers.
With a catalogue of over fifty titles, CORO is making brand new recordings every year that are consistently claiming five star review status and award nominations, with a host of top ten best-sellers on iTunes and other digital platforms.
Former Collins releases have also been re-mastered and re-packaged to the great delight of loyal Sixteen fans around the globe.
In 2007, CORO is proud to welcome the Hilliard Live series of discs onto the label.

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CO 6001
Ave Virgo sanctisima/ Tallis
Suscipe quaeso/ Byrd
Quomodo cantabimus

"The Sixteen’s sound is distilled, ethereal - hard to imagine a more sublime performance."

CO 6002
The Voices of Angels - Eton Choirbook Volume V

"It wasn’t until The Sixteen championed it that this sublime music found its way back into regular perform...

CO 6003
Iste Confessor - The Sacred Music of Domenico Scarlatti

"Compelling passion and intensity, and quiet devotion."

CO 6004
An English Christmas Collection

"Outstanding, irrespective of the season"

CO 6005
Purcell - The Fairy Queen

"A performance like this shows dimensions of Purcell’s genius that are all too rarely heard on disc."...

CO 6006
Choral Works

"A disc of exceptional quality, reinforcing The Sixteen’s reputation as one of the finest choirs of our da...

CO 6007
de Victoria
Laetatus sum/ Missa Laetatus sum/ Magnificat Sexti toni

"this is a beautifully prepared and rewarding recording that deepens our appreciation of one of the greatest mas...

CO 6009
Teixeira - Te Deum

"A glittering performance of a neglected masterpiece."