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DV 4160

Szymanowski & Chopin: Piano Music
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Two years after Divine Art was launched, the company began to issue recordings at mid -price. Initially, this was because recordings (otherwise of very high quality) were a little too short in duration to justify a full price tag or were older recordings being issued on CD for the first time.Later, it was decided to re-name the mid-price series "Diversions" and to expand its scope to cover a range of specialisms - so now the label carries re-issues from Athene (for example Peter Katin's highly acclaimed square-piano recordings), and from other sources, such as the French label SFP, but also brand new recordings of operetta and musical comedy, guitar, choral and organ music and much more.

As with its parent label, Diversions carries a remarkable number of rare and previously unrecorded musical compositions in its catalogue. Our CD "The Monckton Album" was Gramophone Magazine "Critics' Choice" for 2004 and in late 2006 the label saw the release of the "Rosslyn Motet" CD, following international publicity.

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Piano music by Benjamin Britten, his mentors and pupils
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