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UK 9070

Davies: A Celebration of Scotland
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Unicorn Records now Unicorn - Kanchana Records was established in 1968 to make available interesting and often under recorded music and artists in recordings of the highest standards.

Mahler's Third Symphony conducted by Jascha Horenstein, at that time largely ignored by the large record companies, immediately established the company's reputation for quality and won a prestigious Grand Prix du Disque Academie Charles Cros. Pioneer recordings followed of the Symphonies of Nielsen and music by composers as diverse as Samuel Barber, Robert Simpson, Charles Ives and Bernard Herrmann many of which will be made available to down-load. Over the years a very wide and eclectic catalogue has been assembled ranging from the 18th century English school of Samuel Wesley and Cipriani Potter to Oliver Knussen and Peter Maxwell Davies, and Olivier Messiaen, taking in along the way Edvard Grieg, Ralph Vaughan Williams and the music of Frederick Delius conducted by his amanuensis, Eric Fenby

Now, as at the beginning of its life, Unicorn-Kanchana's aim remains the production of interesting music performed by outstanding musicians in high quality recordings

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UK 2006
Symphony No. 3

his account of Mahler’s Third Symphony is close to ideal
UK 2010
Symphonies Nos 2 & 3/ Trumpets/ Ophelia Dances

The outstandingly committed performances present each work in the best possible light
UK 2012
Mahler - Symphony No.1
the result has a freshness and concentration which puts it in a special category among the many rival accounts. Fine rec...
UK 2017
Cello Encores
Baillie with the the considerable help of Peter Evans manages to play Schumann, as well as everything else, nothing less...
UK 2021
Music for Psycho

If ever a sound d track recording was needed it was for Psycho. In a word, the disc is invaluable
UK 2040
Herrmann - North by Northwest
The playing is excellent and the digital recording of high quality
UK 2048
Virtuoso Showpieces

In terms of sheer technique, wizardry and facility, Ruggiero Ricci is virtually without peer…. Not merely a shallow ‘not...
UK 2071
The Delius Collection - Vol 1
The Song of the High Hills shows Delius the imaginative visionary at his greatest. …The wide far distance- The great so...