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AB 7764

Beethoven - Piano Sonatas - Maria Mazo
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ARTS was created in 1993. Since then we have released more than 6.200 tracks on over 400 titles of classical music from five centuries (from medieval to music of our time), the greatest artists of the last decades as well as very promising young artists who have not yet reached the zenith of their careers. The musical styles reach from Sacred to Opera, Chamber Music to Symphonic, Lied to Operetta. The greatest works of composers such as Mozart, Schubert and Wagner as well as rarities from Rossini, Verdi, Händel are part of our catalogue.

ARTS' exclusive recordings distinguish themselves not only by the presence of acclaimed artists and young talents, but also by the best digital technique, and the outstanding artwork of the booklets with texts in four or five languages.

With this powerful artistic background, we managed to not only establish a worldwide distribution network, but also a global renown closely related to the brand, which is the highest obtainable value.

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AB 47508
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Symphonies No. 5 "Reformation" und No. 1

"Youthful freshness .. perfect balance between the insolence of frivolity and maturing ambitions. These seldom p...

AB 47531
Alessandro Orologio
Primo Libro delle Canzonette (1593) - Intrade a Cinque Voci (1597)

"The disc is most appealing for its musical variety, the quality of the sound as well as the brilliant interpret...

AB 47553
Franz Schubert
Piano Trios Vol. 1

"Trio Italiano has an excellent track record, with unquestionable musicianship and a warm and fluent sound, in t...

AB 47554
Franz Schubert
Piano Trios Vol. 2


AB 47558
Percussion XX

"Faralli proves himself an exceptionally gifted performer"   *****

AB 47561
Girolamo Dalla Casa
Il Secondo Libro dei Madrigali a Cinque Voci con i Passaggi


AB 47562
Franz Schubert
Piano Works Vol. 4


AB 47564
Antonio Vivaldi
Il Cimento dell 'Armonia e dell 'Inventione op. VIII - Vol. 1

"the ensemble plays with energy and a lot of unexpected dynamics. The sound is intense, brooding, agitated even ...