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MS 8556

Dancing in Daylight: Contemporary Piano Trios from Ireland
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Alongside NMC, Metier is the premier label for British contemporary music, although not strictly limited to that genre.

Founded in 1992 by producer/engineer David Lefeber, Metier quickly gained a fine reputation for recordings of the highest quality, both of production and of content, with many “five-star” reviews. Many of the leading names in new music were attracted to the label, which has also seen great success in recordings of music by contemporary European composers.

Metier also introduced the “re-appraisal” series for recordings of mainstream classical music, exemplified by the “Beethoven Explored” series, in which Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas are presented in their social and musical context alongside a rare, or unknown, work by one of Beethoven’s students or contemporaries.

A small number of contemporary jazz and world-music discs have also been produced.

In 2007, David Lefeber decided to concentrate on audio and video production work and Metier Records was acquired by Divine Art. A large number of important and seminal recordings are currently (August 2007) in production for release over the following months.

Contact details:

Tel & Fax: +44 (0) 1609 882062


Metier Records division

Divine Art Ltd

Northallerton, UK

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AFGHANISTAN Abdul Wahab Madadi
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modern British jazz by Philip Clemo
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modern british jazzby Clive Bell and David ross
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Bach's 48 Prelude and Fugues - nos 25-48
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Violin Sonatas Nos. 1, 2 and 3 / ROMBERG, A.J.
Violin Sonata in B-Flat Major, "Schottische" (Beethoven Explored) (Skaerved, Shorr)