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OB 0713

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons & String Concerti
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Obsidian Records - bringing music to light

Obsidian is a volcanic substance which in early times was prized for its magical properties. When cut a certain way, its black surface can be highly polished and thus reflect an image of its beholder. From the darkness comes a light, and ancient lore has it that the viewer can choose to see many things beyond a pure reflection.

Obsidian Records hopes to add that illumination. The new label will initially release music from the period c.1300-1750. Music will be from major composers and sources including previously unrecorded repertoire, using new, unique scholarly editions. Clear titling and atmospheric programming aim for a ‘realistic’ listening experience by combining vocal and instrumental music in a natural recorded sound. Artists include some of the finest available, from Britain’s leading new vocal consort, Alamire, directed by David Skinner, to established groups such as Fretwork and soloists including Andrew Lawrence-King and Lynda Sayce. Packaging and booklet notes will be an important contribution to bringing new light and vision to some very exciting music.

Obsidian Records - background

Obsidian Records is a label of Classical Communications Ltd, a small classical recording company which is reversing the trend of declining music sales by growing and expanding its activities. It does this by offering appealing programming and imagery and by resisting the urge to follow the standard music business models! Its main label is The Gift of Music®, which is mid-price and aimed at the non-specialist music lover. Classical Communications Ltd records and produces its own music in-house, and uses a network of established artists built up over the years through the personal contacts of Martin Souter, the company’s Musical Director, who is an established and often recorded and broadcast early keyboard specialist.

Obsidian Records adds a ‘high-end’ label to Classical Communications’ range. Very high standards in packaging, design, recording and approachable programming remain paramount, based on the model established by The Gift of Music®, but the musical content is uncompromising in its integrity and singularity.

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Tallis & Byrd - Cantiones Sacrae 1575
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