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TO 0220

Gerard Schurmann - Chamber Music, Vol. 2
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Toccata Classics is the first recording label dedicated to exploring the unknown. You would think from the handful of names and pieces you see in catalogues and in concerts that classical music consisted of a select band of composers who wrote a few top-notch works. But the truth is far richer than that, and Toccata Classics aims to bring you the music that time forgot. And with revelation after revelation, you will wonder how music of such quality can have been ignored.

Our catalogue consists almost entirely of first recordings of music you won’t find anywhere else, everything from Norwegian Baroque via English pastoralism and Ukrainian Romanticism to contemporary masters. We invite you to join us on this voyage of discovery.

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TO 0001
Orchestral Music

 "...Not one of the works on this disc, not even the brief Scherzo for Strings, is less than thoroughly eng...

TO 0002
Cello Sonatas, Volume 1

 "...This well-recorded CD is an experiment that I’d say succeeds not only because the cello enhances...

TO 0004
Music for String Orchestra

‘...Gratifyingly assertive and gritty recording… Toccata are to be applauded for this refreshing and cha...

TO 0005
Songs for baritone and piano

‘...For Brian aficionados, this disc … will chart essentially new musical territory, therefore making it...

TO 0006
Trio Sonatas

Download Roundup  - February 2010

‘I happily concur with Johann van Veen’s wholehearted reco...

TO 0007
Complete Violin Sonatas, Volume 1

"...This is an extremely good start to the projected series."
Jonathan Woolf -...

TO 0009
Piano Music and Songs

‘This is an excellent selection of piano music and songs by Milford […] For the performances by Raphael ...

TO 0010
Piano Music

‘...The present disc lends additional credence to Goldstone’s propensity for bringing to our attention mu...