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NW 6026

USA Yale Strom: Klezmer - Cafe Jew Zoo
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Naxos, the world's leading classical music label offers unparalleled breadth and depth of catalogue - its releases [354 in 2007] run the gamut from early to contemporary music, from instrumental and chamber music to opera. Of particular note are the label's American Classics, Japanese Classics, Spanish Classics, Greek Classics, and other series of national classical music. Naxos is known for recording exciting new repertoire with exceptional talent and continues to have one of the largest and fastest growing catalogues of unduplicated repertoire available anywhere with state-of-the-art sound and consumer-friendly prices.

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NW 6001
INDIA Irshad Khan
The Magic of Twilight

"The Naxos label has been a boon to various corners of the music universe, from their stellar budget line of c...
NW 6002
CHINA Hok-Man Yim
Poems of Thunder - Percussion

 "If you’re a percussion enthusiast, or perhaps enjoy tapping your fingers on the kitchen table every...

NW 6003
COLOMBIA Diego Marulanda and Pacande
La Verraquera!

"Call it cross-pollination. Diego Marulanda brought the music of his native Colombia to his new home in Canada...
NW 6007
Rainbow Dream

"Fusion food may have people running for cover, but fusion music - aka world music - can be a very good thing....
NW 6008
Jiangnan Classics

 "The musicians are from the Shanghai Conservatory and the artwork is as aesthetic as the music." ...

NW 6010
The Piphat Siamese Classics

"In the late 60s, a young American by the name of Bruce Gaston arrived in Thailand: his ambition, to avoid the...
NW 6011
CHINA Chen Jun
Erhu Classics

 "Funny how culture ebbs and flows, and what was exotic last year greets the ear like a friend this year. S...

NW 6015
MOZAMBIQUE Eduardo Durao Timbila Ensemble

"The buzzing, quick-plucked thumb pianos used in traditional music from the Chopi people of Mozambique create ...