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CHAN 241-47M

Gianandrea Noseda - Ten Years of Musica Italiana
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These are compilations of essential music from a single composer taken from Chandos' back catalogue. They are attractively packaged in slimline CD cases competitively priced as two discs for the price of one.

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CHAN 241-20
Orchestral Works 2-CD set

"...Helped y rich atmospheric sound, Richard Hickox draws performance that are both brilliant and warmly persuas...

CHAN 241-21
Symphonies 1 & 2, 2-CD set

Thomsons reliably idiomatic reading of the SecondSymphony make it an obvious first choice…
CHAN 241-22
Hadley & Sainton
Choral and Orchestral Works

…I particularly enjoyed renewing my acquaintance with Patrick Hadley’s symphonic ballad ‘The Trees so High’. Dating fro...
CHAN 241-24
Piano Trios Nos 1-4

In the case of the first two trios these performances are the best available – indeed, it would be hard to imagine a mor...
CHAN 241-29
Symphonies Nos 1 & 2/ Piano Concerto/ 'King Lear'/ In Bohemia/ Tamara

Sinaisky’s opening Largo [Symphony No. 1] is, to my mind, ideally paced and weighted so that it conveys an appropriate s...
CHAN 241-30
Piano Concertos Nos 1-4/ Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Complemented by Chandos sound of all encompassing depth and clarity… this utterly compelling release cannot be recommend...
CHAN 241-31
The Soul's Ransom/ The Lotos-Eaters/ Blest pair of Sirens/ Invocation to Music

"Here is an outstanding collection of some of Parry’s finest choral music, with two of his most popular an...

CHAN 241-34
Choral Works

Spicer’s singers lovingly shape his warmly laid-back melodies and ravish the ear with his sweet and sour harmonies on th...